How would I go about making a fireball explosion?

So, I’ve made a fireball. How would I go on making it explode. For example when it touches someone(Which I did) it will get larger using Tween Service. I tried doing it, but it wouldn’t tween with no errors. Since it doesn’t work and I have barely understanding of what to do I want to start from scratch.
Maybe something like this:

Made by: @Virvek

Is the fireball automatically destroyed via :Destroy() the second it hits something?

Do you want to use an explosion or a custom explosion type?

No it does not have that, yet.

there are things to consider here

is there going to be area damage with the explosion?

I want something like in the video in:

Yes I can do that just not the tweening.

just tween both size and transparency and then delete the sphere easy

Use TweenService to tween the size then fade the part out with a for loop to create the effect of it dissipating.

This is my base code yet it doesn’t tween:

local goal = {}
			goal.Size =, 5, 5)

		local tweenInfo =
		local tween = TweenService:Create(Clone:WaitForChild("Explosion"), tweenInfo, goal)

yea transparency doesn’t need tweening ur right

Correct I just need the tweening.

Like @MediaHQ said, tween the size using TweenService. You can also have a loop like this (which doesn’t yield the script at all, so both the loop and the tween happen simultaneously).

for i = 1, 100 do
Fireball.Transparency = Fireball.Transparency + 0.01

That script will cause the fireball (which is indexed as Fireball in the script above) to slowly become more transparent until you cannot see it then it will destroy the fireball. Once again, use TweenService to tween the fireball size then use the function above right after the :Play() for the tween.

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Thanks also do you know how to make the tween shorter or longer? Also should the fireball be can collide true or false?

Unless if you want player’s climbing on the fireball then set it to cancollide false

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The script below should work for your fireball, I just recommend making your fireball a sphere.

local ts = game:GetService("TweenService");
local collision = false -- set to true if you want the fireball to be collision-able
local seconds = 1; -- replace with how long should the tween be, such as 2 seconds or 0.5 seconds
local objecttotween = Fireball; -- Make a variable called Fireball which indexes the actual fireball
local tsinfo =, Enum.EasingStyle.Linear, Enum.EasingStyle.In);
local goal = {Size =, 2, 2)}; -- replace the numbers in the with how big should the fireball be in the end
local tweenanim = ts:Create(objecttotween, tsinfo, goal);
if h:IsA("Mesh") or h:IsA("BasePart") or h:IsA("Model") or h:IsA("Part") or h:IsA("Union") then

if collision then
Fireball.CanCollide = true
Fireball.CanCollide = false

for i = 1, 100 do
Fireball.Transparency = Fireball.Transparency + 0.01



Oof it doesn’t work for some reason, no error messages too.

Did the fireball hit something?

Yes I made a wall and when it touched it just went right through.

What is the ClassName of the wall?