How would I import an audio file without uploading it to roblox?

I want to import a custom audio file and be able to test it in play mode without having to upload it to the roblox website. I have an idea of what I need to do, but I can’t get it to work. I always have an error, and I’ve found little to no information on it.


I’ve placed the “test.mp3” file in "Roblox/Versions/[current version]/content/sounds’ where the other core roblox sounds are (death sound, footstep sound)

But, it doesn’t want to work, and I keep getting this error:

If I set the SoundId to one of the other sounds, it loads fine. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if I’ve set it up incorrectly or whatnot.
If possible, I do not want to have to upload this to roblox. Assume this is the ONLY possible way. If anyone knows how to achieve this, please help me out.
Thanks in advance!

People have made things like this before. But no guarantee they still work. Roblox likes to update the client and break things like this.

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I’ve tried to use this, but it doesn’t work for me, as I’m trying to play the sound while testing in play mode. It sets the SoundId to “rbxtemp://[number]”, which only allows me to preview it in edit mode, but if I try to load it in play mode, it throws another error in the output: “Failed to load sound rbxtemp://[number]: error code 31”

Then I imagine it’s not possible.

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