How would i load an animation that uses a rig like this?

How would i load an animation that uses a rig like this:?

I’ve tried normally loading it into humanoid and that didn’t work.

What could i do to load the animation?

As long as a rig has a humanoid and all the correct motors for the animation to play, you can load an animation just like normal.

Then why is it not loading for me?

Who uploaded the animation? If it’s for a group, you have to set the animation’s owner to the group while uploading it or it won’t play. Same with team create, the original owner of the game must upload the animation.

Are you sure you have scripted the animation properly?

Yeah, ive set the owner to the group and im the owner of the group

What’s the animation priority? Animation prioritys can control how animations overlap.

Is the animation priority set to action?

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Yeah, its set to action and it was before i posted this

its set to action and it was before i posted this

Are you actually Playing the animation with :Play()

yeah, heres the script if you need it

local bar = game.ReplicatedStorage.Animations.StandBarrage
local barr = char:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”):LoadAnimation(bar)

i made it run locally so the entire server doesnt do the animation

What about the Rig Type? Is it equal to the rig type that you animated your animation on?

Try :WaitForChild("Humanoid") instead of :FindFirstChild("Humanoid").

It plays the animation weirdly, like it overrides my walking animation with it but it doesnt actually play



So, did my solution kind of work? The weirdness may be an animation priority error.

Is the character anchored? Anchored characters may not play animations.

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Well kind of yes but it only overrides the walking animation and the animation just doesnt play
The animation priority is set to action

Not everything should be Action. That’s what I mean by an animation priority error. You have to be pretty careful with your animation priorities because they can easily cause weirdness when incorrectly overlapped. I do not think I can help you further.

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