How would I make a custom proximity prompt

As the default proximity prompt doesn’t quite fit the project im working on I wondering how I could make a custom proximity prompt something like this:

Perhaps you would need to use this.
(If not I’m sorry for wasting your time)

You can set your style to custom like above, but you also have to create a script that will create a proximityprompt once it is needed. You’ll find it at the bottom at the link from the person before me.

Also, try something like this: Proximity Prompt Customizer - #10 by DarkPixlz

You could Mouse to see if the mouse is over an object and if it is show the UI where also if u press E it will do the thing you want it to do.

Also like what @NovaANobody said you do also have the option of customizing the style of the proximity prompt.

You might want to check out this service: ProximityPromptService | Roblox Creator Documentation

Honestly, when i played booga booga a bit it seemed like their proximity prompt looked simular to the one roblox provides. check it out (25) BOOGA BOOGA - Classic - Uncopylocked - Roblox (its uncopylocked)