How would I make a GUI that looks like Roblox?

Okay so, I want to make a GUI that looks like Roblox. What do I mean you may ask?
We all see these buttons, and I want to add another button to that!

Roblox Buttons

Something like this!
HD Admin

I’ve tryed to make a GUI and place it next to the other Guis there, but it would of take me forever just to try to put next to them. So my question is how would I make the Gui like the one shown here?


You can make a script that adds its icon on roblox core gui

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I remember there is a plugin about it. I’ll update this comment when I found it

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I have tryed that but I got an error that says something like I can’t access it becaues it doesn’t trust the script or something like that

The current identity (2) cannot Class security check (lacking permission 1)

Where did you get the HD Admin? Can you send it to me, please

Yea it’s right here HD Admin - Roblox

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you can view them in the core gui and then just copy how they were made

right here

on the theme provider


So… I know that I can do that but the problem is that I have to play test the game in studio and put my Gui there. I’ve tryed that but I can’t get it to save after I quit the test

Try this

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Actually, you can copy the entire roblox purchase prompt gui as well.

I also recommend using @Nepzerox 's resource called roPrompts which looks extremely similar to the Roblox Gui.

Check it out here:

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