How would i make a kart system like this?

Hello. So I am making a kart game, and I would like to know how i would make a kart system like this: [Map Voting!] Super Kart Rush - Roblox
i think the dev attached the player to a model or something. Thank you

I remember I reached out to the developer of Bloxy Kart who had prievoisly had an open source game asking if it was still open source, he said no but a few days later this came out as a response: OpenKart - A solid racing game foundation

i tried this one, but I dont think I will be needing 90% of the game, also I feel like slapping a model onto a player is easier than stripping down the game to find a fragment of what I need, thanks anyway though.

Hello, creator of that experience here. Yes, that is right, I just created a simple kart model, and attached it to all the players’ bodies as an accessory by placing the kart body into the ServerStorage and making all players spawn with it.

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