How would I make a statue of myself that would automatically update?

Hi. I am trying to make a credits area but I am wondering how do I make the statues auto update. I’m not the best at scripting :neutral_face:


For this I use loaderfigures, they’re helpful for autoupdating every x seconds to your current avatar. I reccomend this one by MineHirst:
(I have checked for backdoors and viruses, there should be none)

There are also R15 animated ones too.

If you are going to make your own, you will need alot of scripting knowledge, if you don’t know scripting too much, just stick to the free models. Or try learn to make them!

I’d check if you do use a FM, that they are from someone who is known in the community. Don’t grab ones from people with many dislikes or someone who is ovbiously not trustworthy.


Eh… I did think about removing the scarf and the wings


but other than that it works nicely

Glad it works for you.

If you do graphic design, this is an easy way to export your .obj files to Cinema 4D or blender (or anything else you use to render).

I have looked into the model @lexishh provided and it uses game.Players:GetCharacterAppearanceAsync(userId) to get a model that has all the player’s accessories, packages, and clothes. I will provide some API Reference links if you want to make your own system.

GetCharacterAppearanceInfoAsync (Returns a dictonary)
GetCharacterAppearanceAsync (Returns a model)

And then you just loop through a table and use InsertService:LoadAsset to insert assets by using the AssetID provided by the table.