How would I make a visible body look good with viewmodels?

I don’t know if this should be in Scripting Support or Creations feedback so sorry if it’s wrong

currently my game has viewmodels for interactions and such, but it also allows you to look at your body

the problem is it looks very strange seeing two sets of arms, and when I remove the model’s arms it still looks a bit strange

i want to know if there’s a good way of doing this? because evade seems to do it quite well, but I don’t exactly know how they do it

I suspect the legs are included in the viewmodel maybe?

Dont have much experience, but I do know normally world models and first person viewmodels are seperate like in tf2.

Have you looked at other world model resources to see how they do it? Such as realism, perhaps its the camera work and placement. Evade looks like its purely using world models.

the problem is I’m not using the character’s arms aren’t apart of the world model, so there’ll be two different arms if I go the approach that Realism did