How would I make this automated?

how would i make it so that the wheels turn according to where they are on the vehicle?
^ hope this is more understandable ^
this is also for a placement system
the a/d are input keys to turn it

sorry if it is hard to understand


Ok, i think you should see the Roblox tutorial about vehicles:
Hope it will help you @Adeenex
P.S.: I really not understand what you mean, do you mean that when the player turn to right, the wheels turn to right and when the player turn to left vica-versa?

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yes. I did use that article to make the car, but im trying to see how the wheels could see if they are further then the center of mass, which then means they turn right when then d key is pressed, and the opposite in the back wheels

its hard to explain the problem, im going to post footage of the problem from the game that im trying to replicate it from.

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does this video help? @Eternalove_fan32? *not my game


Yes, this help me, i thing that you need to use CFrames

What game is that from? Can you link the game to me.

Send him a message, not reply here but personally.

So you are trying to make a modular building system right? Where vehicles can be made and function, similar to terratech (the game in the video). For the wheel-vechicle part, in that case one way that I can think of rn is making nodes and breaking the vehicle down into sections and or subsections based off the central node. In otherwords based off the center of the vehicle you can map out the wheels. Essentially the most important thing is to know where things are in relation to that center node. Direction and Distance. Or even mass.

Edit: Off of the top of my head i think that you can use something like CFrame:PointToObjectSpace to check whether a wheel is in-front or behind the center node and on which side
Maybe these will help, maybe?

@Jaycbee05 how do you use CFrame:PointToObjectSpace?

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See wiki of the CFrame, you will find what it make…

ok i got the center node thing working, and i got it to work just fine. thanks!