How would I move lots of parts at once?

Hello there! I’ll get straight to the point with no introductions to keep this quick and simple for you. To put it simply, my friend wants to have a boat that moves and turns around and stuff but is unsure how to do it, so she came to me. I genuinely have no idea so I was wondering what you all thought the best way to do this is? She mentioned using a conveyor but that could easily break so it’s not the best in my opinion. If you would like more info don’t be shy to ask. Thanks,

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P.S. I am not trying to move them in studio editor, I am trying to move them in-game through a script.

Put all of the parts in a Model.

If you want it to be physics based, then use body movers.

  • Unanchor the entire build
  • Weld all parts together

If you want to not used a physics based system, then use :SetPrimaryPartCFrame on the model

  • Give the model a PrimaryPart
  • Call SetPrimaryPartCFrame continously.

Other Resources

There is devforum / scriptinghelper posts on this.


Thanks! I’ll tell her about it.

You to central + f to deflect them and then move them

I think they’re trying to animate the boat during runtime, not while editing.

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I have made my rides, and roller coasters using Lerping. Here is an example: Feedback on my Roller Coaster

You could weld the parts together and then set the primarypart for the model as the boat middle which would pretty much move the entire boat with the welded parts