How would I turn a part to terrain water

I have made a terrain generator and I want it so when its under the certain point its water. I have got the base down but how would the part be terrain water? I have it as a part and ive looked for tutorials but as far as I know of theres nothing. If you can just help me that would be appreciated What ive done: image

I reccomend you get the part to terrain plugin!:smiley:

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but it has to turn through script

Roblox already added this feature, enable it on Beta Features if is still there!

EDIT: Do you want to convert it into water after the Terrain has been generated?

They only work if your in the beta program.

Where would I do that? Like where do I turn it on?

I ain’t in the Beta Program and I can enable them.

okay so I cant do that i need to be a part of somthing

no no no not terrian editor again the parts change in script terrain editor wont work

whats it called? an this is to do in script

I think I found it terrain tools convert part to terrain

So you want to convert them to terrain after the terrain has been generated?
If so use: Terrain:FillBlock() for it.


but I still need to enable the beta terrain thing?

To use the code Terrain:FillBlock you don’t need it. Is for scripts, but if you prefer to do it with the Terrain Editor Tool, then enable the feature.

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Try usng Terrain:FillBlock()

Here’s a small sample of code

local CFrameToFill =, 0, 0)
local WaterSize =, 20, 20)
game.Workspace.Terrain:FillBlock(CFrameToFill, WaterSize, Enum.Material.Water)

We also have an article made by Roblox explaining how to use it


I tried it and its not working what am I doing wrong?

Would there be any output error? Show me where you defined ‘part’

nope no error well no output every thing works fine but the water just doesent spawn in

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What is yPos? Are you sure that the code is running? You did not define a position for the part so it would instance at the game’s origin 0,0,0.