How would I use a blur with GUI elements?

I am working on a project which involves menus.

How would I be able to blur a GUI element, such as an ImageLabel object, when the mouse is hovered over it, and unblur it once the mouse leaves it?


At the moment with the BlurEffect it is impossible to blur just one region of the screen. Prior to having the blur effect, people were using neon parts which snapped to the camera’s view to create a similar effect. It’s not It wasn’t a perfect blur, but in The Conquerors 3 you can see used to be able to see BrokenBone’s lobby looks like it has looked like it had blurred GUI elements. He is was using a Module3D script to lock a neon part to the screen to fill a space.
I have personally never used a Module3D script so I can’t suggest any, look around and there are some great tutorials out there to use them too, or even to create your own.

Edit: I found this one by TheNexusAvenger, there’s some documentation inside of it. It appears to be the most up to date, public version I could find.

Edit 2: Updated for correctness as people still refer to this. Also, since future is bright’s neon update, darker colors that previously used for a blur effect no longer have the same effect. You can now only do this with a lighter colored blur.


You can’t use blur on ScreenGuis. You’ll probably have to use a SurfaceGui that is attached to the camera. Then, you can stick a semi-transparent neon part in front of the element you want to blur.

Keep in mind that neon is not rendered as blurry in lower quality levels. If blurring part of the screen in vital to gameplay, then I suggest that you don’t pursue this at all.


Well, if you are talking about having a blur to a certain image, you would have to do that manually through an image editing program to create that feature. If you want to add a blur behind the all layers of the GUI then you can use the Blur Effect.

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You could try an ImageLabel with a blurred image. You could make that pretty easily in Photoshop.

Clever idea. Never thought of that!

Do you have info on how Conguerors 3 did it? Trying to recreate the effect but the blur runs out after transparency of 0.25

kinda awkward

I believe this is the way that neon works now, the intensity of the glow that gave the neon effect is controlled by transparency. Unfortunately, this is just the result of the improved lighting engine. If you’d like to see the blur effect that you could get from neon parts, I suggest that you make a feature request for something that would give you this effect.