Method to Blur GUI?

Is there method for blurring UI? There seems to be a way to use BillboardGui to do it (haven’t tested it yet), though I’d like to do it with regular ScreenGui if possible.

I know it’s technically possible as Roblox does it itself with its beta esc menu, but I’m not sure if there’s way to do it normally.

Example of Roblox’s Beta Esc Menu Using UI Blur:


This has been suggested here



and here.

However, it has not been implemented in any way accessible to developers yet. Do not give up hope though. I found a post that aims to achieve a similar effect below.


I’m not sure if this is what Roblox does, but it seems that SurfaceGui abides by the BlurEffect. Sorry for the 7 month late reply (randomly got a notification for this thread just now).

What do you mean “abides by”? Can you provide a screenshot explaining what you mean?

Sadly it seems that unless AlwaysOnTop is enabled, it won’t intractable at all.
But I assume if you’re blurring it, you probably don’t want to interact with it anyway.
I created a 3D Gui system just for this I guess.

OH! You meant a SurfaceGui | Roblox Creator Documentation. I didn’t catch that at first. Yes, stuff in/on the surface gui it will be blurred along with everything else in the 3D space.

It’s (very probably) not. (There would need to be stuff in Workspace.) The core GUI has access to API developers don’t, so not everything it does is possible for developers yet.


Are you sure? I tested this and the game stopped stopped rendering the BasePart once it was moved to PlayerGui. Are you thinking of SurfaceGuis with the Adornee property set?


Yeah. I assume that property makes UI not be blurred by the core gui’s blur (for example, in the OP’s post the ScreenGui with all of the controls would probably have this property set to true) (I think for this to have a noticeable effect the ScreenGui would need to have a similar zindex to the CoreGui, otherwise it would be covered).

I can’t find the API that blurs it either. The only other thing I could find was this:

Actually, it only needs to be in the PlayerGui. I thought the same until I found out accidentally that anything in BasePart in the PlayerGui will be rendered as though it were in the workspace apparently. All I can say is that it just works.

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Just to follow up I was curious and I wanted to find out how they used it, so I discovered the property for it is ‘OnTopOfCoreBlur’. It’s a hidden property that has no documentation, can’t figure out how it works even with elevated security.