How would you kick someone from a game, using a discord bot from javascript?

  1. I want to be able to kick someone from my game, by using a discord bot from javascript.

  2. I don’t know how.

If anyone has an idea or a solution on how to do this, then please tell me.

Thank you!

You can look at something like Disro to get an idea on how you’d do this. The source is linked in the post if you want to look at the code for it. It has the lua stuff, and NodeJS stuff.

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I’m confused.

Where do you install it from? (how do you run that code?)

How do I clone the project with “git clone”?

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I don’t know what you mean by “how to run the code”. The instructions are on the image you set, it’s pretty straight forward.

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What does this mean?

How do you “clone” the project?

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You need to download git.

Additionally, when I sent you the link to Disro; it was more of a guidance so you could make something like it yourself, not just using it. You would probably have more fun and gain more experience if you were to make your own bot instead of using a pre-existing one. I can’t really stop you; do what you want, but I think you should try making your own bot.

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How do you get the Server API key?

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I’m sorry but looking at these replies, it seems you don’t have any knowledge of JavaScript or Discord API. I recommend you attempt to learn then try to do this.

Hope this helps,