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:bulb: Vehicles, mod uniforms, avatars, equipment you carry, and everything regarding your overall appearance in Hamilton will be clarified here as to exactly what you should and definitely shouldn’t do in Hamilton State Holeplay.

:tshirt: Avatar

When on duty, it is required that you wear the moderator shirt that is linked underneath. We ask that you do not create any custom shirts to use as an alternative to the moderator shirt. However, pants can be personalized to your needs. All our avatar policies still apply.

Moderator Shirt
:link: Moderation Shirt - Hamilton State Roleplay

:open_book: We strongly recommend that you not wear any accessory that might cover the words “staff”. This applies to your hair, your shirts, your accessories, and much more! Your shirt is to identify others as a moderator, and they need to comply with you.

:blue_car: Vehicle

While moderating, it is compulsory to use a secret RCDPvehicle in blue for patrolling. It will help players to easily identify the modded cars so that they can drag them. The particular vehicles for each rank class are listed down below, you need to follow them according to your rank.

  • Bullhorn Prancer Pursuit (Trial Moderator)
  • Falcon Stallion 350 (Moderator)
  • Falcon Interceptor Utility (MR Team)
  • Falcon Interceptor Sedan (HR Board)
  • Chevlon Platoro PPV (Executive Board)

If you do not have a vehicle assigned to your rank you may contact one of the HR+ and ask about using your own vehicle.