HSRP | General Staff Handbook

:books: Hamilton General Staff Handbook

:link: Hamilton State Roleplay - Roblox

:bulb: This guide is designed to help our team of moderators understand what to do in a given situation. We recommend that you read it carefully to avoid any complications on the server in the future.

:pushpin: Hamilton State Roleplay is a public server set up in Emerygency Responce: Liberty County that is open to all players. We want to create a server that is perfect for Roleplay scenarios where everyone can be who they want to be. A lot of effort and money has gone into this server to make sure everyone can have a great time.

:bulb: Below you will be able to see some documents that will help you while working for us, please read everything carefully to make sure you don’t make any mistakes here at Hamilton State Roleplay.

:clipboard: Staff Information

:pushpin: Staff Guide