HTC Vive - Controller vibration

Hi there guys,

I’m trying to vibrate the HTC Vive controllers using the HapticService. But for some reason it doesn’t wants to work :frowning: Any tips and tricks ? I got 2 motors active (LeftHand and RightHand, both with a max vibration set by ROBLOX to 1)


I think I heard from somebody that setting it to 1 causes it to not work at all, but setting it to something like 0.99 will.

Thanks @Imaginaerum. I just saw your reply, but we tried it already :slight_smile:

Solution for others :

  • Use 0.99 or anything close to 1. 1 doesn’t work.

This should be documented or fixed by the engineers.


I’ll try to push a fix for this for next week’s release. We’re converting the motor strength to a pulse duration for the undocumented TriggerHapticPulse API from OpenVR which apparently maxes out at 3999 microseconds instead of 4000 microseconds, so passing 1 makes it ignore the pulse.