HTTP: 400 (BAD REQUEST) error

I got this error while testing the script, I don’t know why it said bad request. If you can help me. Please give me a solution!!

Which site is LogWebHook a webhook to?

Discord is the site of the LogWebHook

Discord blocks all requests from Roblox servers, so you have to use a proxy server.

So do I have to publish the game then join it with RobloxLauncher???

No, you can’t send a request directly to Discord, full stop.

You have to use a proxy / another server that acts as a middleman between you and discord

How do I do that, can you please show me and provide me more informations??

Please read up on some of these articles (found through a simple google search…)

I can send webhooks just fine. Below code executed fine without issue.

local webhook = "PUT WEBHOOK HERE"

local HTTPService = game:GetService("HttpService")

local data = {
	["content"] = "This is a test message!"

local payload = HTTPService:JSONEncode(data)


Webhooks do work fine, except not to a Discord webhook, because discord blocks it on their end. That is the issue that is very well documented on these forums

Well I think the only issue is OP isn’t following Discord’s API reference. “LOG_MESSAGE” is not an expected field.

You can keep saying it’s been documented on the forums except I just tried it myself and Discord webhooks are working fine.

Recently, Discord have blocked any Roblox related server IPs (Internet Protocols) from being able to send webhooks to Discord channels.

Reason you had it working is because:

You are still able to send them in studio since your own IP is being used when use press the play button on roblox studio.

Okay, fair point. But that does report a 403 error. So the point still stands their is an issue with the payload.

Switching LOG_MESSAGE to content should fix it.