What Is A Proxy & Why Do We Need It For Discord Webhooks Now?

What Is A Proxy?

Think of the following scenario:

You and someone you don’t like have to work on a project together. Since you don’t want to speak to one another, you ask a friend of yours and them to ask them if they did their part. The person you don’t like (let’s say his name is Foo) tells your friend that he has done all his work. Your friend tells you Foo’s response, and now you can submit the project.

A proxy is like your friend in that scenario, but in the form of a server on the internet. When a server bans you from accessing a certain API endpoint or URL, you can use a proxy to act as you but using the proxy’s identity.

Why Do We Need It For Discord Webhooks Now?

Discord recently banned all requests from Roblox servers, which is why your webhooks broke. Discord saw the request came from a Roblox server and rejected it.

If you use a proxy, you will pass along what you want the request to do to the proxy, but when the proxy sends the request to Discord, the request looks like it came from that proxy server, not the banned Roblox one. Understand how this works now?

That concludes this tutorial on proxies. If you would like to know how a proxy is made, it’s basically a webserver that takes in the data that you passed to it and directly kicks it to the receiving server. Proxies don’t have to just exist for Discord - a very popular one existed for Roblox for a while (rprxy.xyz).

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For some reason I’ve also noted that if you change the webhook from discord.com to discordapp.com, webhooks will work for you again.

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Probably because the two domains use the same backend server for each and the blocking configuration is only on discord.com. It’ll probably get added soon enough. A proxy is still the most reliable bet.

Yeah you’re correct. If someone’s webhook quit working and they need it at the second I guess they could switch to discordapp, but for future proof you’re for sure right about using a proxy; Nice thread.

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Actually the other way around, roblox banned discord requests.

Where is your source for that information?

Discord banned Roblox requests because of webhook spammers. Roblox has nothing to gain by blocking Discord requests. Furthermore, no requests from Discord are even sent to Roblox. Roblox developers only send requests to Discord.


No, even one of the staff specifically stated that nothing was done on their end.

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Just speculation, maybe roblox blocked Discord because they want more people to use Guilded (their partner). Probably not, but that’s just a theory. A BUISNESS THEORY

Wouldn’t blocking a Roblox request be primarily based on User-Agent? I don’t know if you can set User-Agents in Roblox POST requests though.

I have proven myself wrong
Roblox doesn’t allow User-Agent headers for some odd reason.

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to remedy this new issue?
How is a webserver/proxy set up? Are there sites that do this for us? And how would one connect it to Roblox and Discord. What are the costs/limitations?

Make a webserver that has all the Discord supported routes and reroute them using discord.com

Actually, this speculation is terrible. Webhooks cannot be run because it is being blocked Discord and you can see that here. image

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This is wrong - Discord blocked the Roblox/Linux header.

It’s not being blocked by Roblox, and your screenshot literally proves that. Discord is clearly blocking the Roblox/Linux header in your screenshot. Just because Roblox uses the Roblox/Linux user-agent doesn’t mean that Roblox is somehow able to control web activity through the user-agent?! :expressionless:


I’m having trouble understanding how this proves me wrong?

That is exactly what I am saying. Discord blocked Roblox.

First screenshot shows that Discord is blocking the Roblox/Linux.

You said roblox was blocking discord tho.

You made a typo, which is why everybody is confused.

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That was a typo, I meant that Discord was blocking Roblox requests.