HTTP 400 (Bad Request) error?

Hello developers,

I am trying to send a Embed to discord using HTTPService but I keep getting this error. Can anybody help?

local http = game:GetService("HttpService")
local Data = {
			['embeds'] = {{
				color = 16753920,
				title = "Application Logs",
				fields = {
					name = player.Name.." - "..player.UserId,
					value = "Passed Application!",
					footer = 'Moonlight Services'
		local FinalData = http:JSONEncode(Data)
		local URL = "(WebhookLink)"

Anyone know the problem or how I can fix it?


Also, yes I do have a function that calls it.

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just wanted to say that there’s no function , like you said that there is . And I don’t see any problem in your code , really . It should work correctly , maybe there’s some connection errors ?
and you should read more about this error here

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Just to be sure, did you toggle on ‘Allow HTTP Requests’ in Game Settings?

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Try reading the discord developer API, chances are you have a mistake there.

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Is HTTP Enabled on game settings? And recheck the httpservice article on the dev hub

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This is likely due to incorrect formatting/missing information with the data. Use and change it to look like this

    		["title"] = "Embed",
    		["description"] = "Hello!",
    		["color"] = 16614400,
    		["footer"] = {
    		["text"] = "testing", }

Hope this helps