HTTP 403 (Forbidden) Trying to get list of friends of player using Roproxy

I want to get the amount of friends of a player using HTTPService.

The issue is that it’s giving me this error “HTTP 403 (Forbidden)”

I couldn’t think of any other solutions. I have tried to look for solution on the Developer Hub, did not find anything.

I’m new to using HTTPService and using Roproxy, I wouldn’t be surprised if this mistake could be easily fixable.


local HTTP = game:GetService("HttpService")

	local URL = ''..player.UserId..'/friends/count'
	local Data = HTTP:GetAsync(URL)
	for i, v in pairs(Data) do

You may require a token to access that information, or the url may be malformed.

I don’t think it could be malformed, when you use it works and using the follower endpoints works with roproxy too, but it breaks on ALL friend endpoints using roproxy.

note: When you put the Request URL using roproxy into your URL bar, it says “Access Denied”

I’m experiencing this same issue. Did you ever find a solution for this?

I don’t think the user is actually hosting the URL himself…

When you deploy it to heroku, you get your own URL, like:

The current post for ( - A free, rotating proxy for Roblox APIs) talks about deploying it. There is no URL you can publicly use, as it’s not a public proxy…

I use roproxy in other areas in my script (such as for follower count and following count) and it functions as expected. Are you saying that roproxy isn’t something that can be publicly used?

Maybe I’m thinking of a completely different application… Unsure. Disregard my comment for now.

I noticed recently that visiting Roblox on an unauthenticated account (not logged in) doesn’t show any friends on a few plugins.

Example of my friends list with RoPro, whilst not being on an authenticated account.

However, clicking on the actual “friends” tab shows the actual friends list.

Have you tried creating your own proxy, and using an authenticated account with noblox or something along similar lines to get friend information? This, I assume, would work.