HTTP 429 But I Only Sent 1 Request

I got the HTTP 429 error but I only sent 1 request to the trello api…

is there something wrong in my code?

local url
			if Private then
			local respone=HS:GetAsync(url,true)
			local dat=HS:JSONDecode(respone)

trello rate limits have been tightened very significantly for requests originating from roblox due to developers spamming, sending tons of bad requests, or otherwise misusing their api

i cant imagine that the rate limit is that high for trello but you should take it up with their support if you are actually only sending 1 request before getting a 429 response

Is this the entire script or just Parts

I didn’t even send 1. Lol.


Hello, This post does not look to be solved.

It look that you are using the old trelloAPI
Would you like to check my new TrelloAPI (It’s more complete and simple)

Let me know if you have others question