Http works in studio, not in the game

I got my hands on a bug report system via a discord webhook, and it works perfectly within studio, gives a positive output and sends the report through the webhook,

In game, however, it also gives the same positive output, but doesn’t send the report to discord.

just to be sure that http wasn’t down, i tried both in studio and in game. studio worked but the game did not.

In game:
strong text

as you can see, when i clicked send report, it gives a positive output but doesn’t send it to the discord

on the other hand


any advice or info is helpful

Can you send the code for this please? Thank you!

the script works fine… in studio. i was sure to publish it and everything

Discord banned the Roblox Api

People used it as an error log or other stuff that spammed the heck out of them to the point where they had to block it lol

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why is that?

and probably its the other way around because roblox wants users to migrate to guilded from discord

Easier workaround is setting something up with replit or heroku, this isn’t actually a discord tutorial lol. WebhookProxy | Discord webhooks go brrrrrrr

no, not really. Can’t find the original post but Discord banned us because we were spamming webhooks. Roblox wouldn’t do such a thing lol

doubt it lol

well i cba doing that rn its late. if i want to implement it in the future i will be sure to do that

No, discord banned roblox. Roblox is not restricting requests to discord.

This is generally time consuming and not worth it lol. A simple guilded account and a saved bookmark on the main page of your browser should do the trick. Instant access to the feedback and no need for proxies

Proxies arent that hard to use? Isnt the little bit of extra time setting up discord webhooks going to save you the time you would have to spend checking Guilded as well as discord?

Well, glad you consider them easy. I find them time consuming and decently hard lol

Mind helping me with one if it’s that easy? (itsbasicallydenis#1503) l need one for a Twitter follow check thing


have you tried looking for tutorials? by now skilled devs might realize people want to do this and make a video to grow their views and bank account balance community.

wow, just wow. What were you thinking man? There aren’t any tutorials. It’s too complicated of a subject for matthewgamer123 to cover in a tutorial