Huge custom characters being able to double jump for no apparent reason?

Okay so basically if someone becomes a huge custom character in my game Dino’s World they can double jump I have 0 idea what is causing this no script in my game messes with any jump feature and it only seems to happen with huge characters.

Example of what happens:


Does the custom character use humanoids? It could be related to this Some small Humanoid/Character movement improvements released!

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This bug has been happening before that update was released.

Are all parts inside character?

Okay. You are setting Player.Character to that model right?

@Quaration Yes I am using that method.

@Legoracer Yes all parts are inside the character.

Have you modified PlayerModule at all?


Im not sure if this would be possible but it seems that the person jumping levels out at one point and stops getting the double jump. Seems like they are double jumping as if they have registered as “landed” for their HumanoidStateType possibly allowing for them to jump again quickly? Only wondering because towards the end of the gif it seems they stop double jumping.

Can you give us the model that this is happening on?

@DataExhauster When you stop after getting so high you slowly glide down and also no HumanoidStateTypes are disabled except swimming.

@Quaration Therizinosaurus.rbxm (404.7 KB)

Seems like it could be a HipHeight issue.

Some of my other Custom Characters have Higher, Lower & the same hipheight as that and they don’t double jump.

Edit: Still Double jumps if HipHeight is set to 0

Just some simple tests in studio I’ve ran with the repro through testing in studio, I opened a test server and used the server to spam jump the models humanoid which did in fact give me the double jump issue. I began to start trying to set custom properties for density to see if that would impact it. In short nothing worked. I thought I should check and test my idea out and after resizing every part in the model to just a random size (in my scenario just 2x2x2) and noticed that the issue was gone though I was left with a dismembered dinosaur. Could it be the positioning of the bricks?

I’ve downloaded the file and tinkered with the humanoid instance.

Try switching the RigType property from R6 to R15.


Smart thinking, didnt check that! Works from what I can see

Wow thank you soo much what an easy fix! lol

Edit: Still happens sometimes randomly but its way better now.

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Thanks pheonixmario, that easy fix did the trick. :star::star::star::star::star: