[HUGE POTENTIAL] Looking for a scripter for my game Lollipop Simulator! The game is 90% done!


  • Hello, I’m Sinox! I am a Builder/UI designer seeking a good, and quick working Scripter for my game lollipop simulator. All models such as pets, lollipops, eggs, hat crates, backpacks, candy etc are all finished for the game, as well as all user interface and graphics. even most of the scripting but unfortunately not all of it.

  • Tasks: I currently need the egg system to be finish for the game, some effects for when picking up candy with you lollipop, over head names for pets, rebirth token shop, and a hat system.


  • At the moment, we have 700k+ available for funds, as well as a team of youtubers all for monitization. For you as a scripter, I would prefer for you to be paid with a % of game profits, around 30%. Otherwise, we can work something out and you could be paid around 30k+ for your contribution.


  • Contact me here on the dev forums with @DisturbedSinox or on Discord: Sinox#0001 (Please leave your discord user in the reply section with your portfolio.)

Why is only some of the code done but not all of it? You have to provide more information.
Also, one person’s code can differ from another person. It may not be familiar to another person how it is structured, and many of the stuff you have listed depends on other code that was supposedly already done.


What do you mean by hat system? I may be able to help. :wink:

Dm’d you on DevForum


Sent request on Disc #NinjoOnline5975

Portoflio is you wanna check it out :+1:

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