Humanoid causes serious mesh deformation issues

I had a similar issue today with putting armor models within my humanoid.

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They’re working on a fix at the moment :slight_smile:


They’re still fixing it? The problem still occurs for me after a week that you said so…

They told me it should be out by now, but maybe there’s been a delay.

I know the issue only affected new meshes uploaded after an update, so perhaps the fix has been applied to new meshes? Try re-uploading it.

If it doesn’t work then I’m not sure, I know as much as you now. Hope it works out! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to re-upload it, thanks.

Edit: It still happens also after the re-upload :confused:

Actually, according to my old games that I have uploaded meshes on this issue doesn’t occur.
Maybe it’s a problem with my model, i’ll try to model a new helmet right now

How did you name the clothes you made for your character?
Did you place the clothes inside of character model?

If so, I highly don’t recommend placing other parts in the character model.
Place a Humanoid in the character with all body parts ( Head, UpperTorso, LowerTorso etc. ).

  1. Make a model of the Upper Clothes for your UpperTorso body part.
  2. Place a new mesh with all properties same as UpperTorso inside of UpperClothes model and set the new UpperTorso part as a PrimaryPart of the model.
  3. Weld the whole model to the PrimaryPart.
  4. Weld the PrimaryPart of the model to the UpperTorso in the character model.

That would work, but if you are stuck in some of these steps, you could share the model, so I can fix it.


That sounds like a great idea, i’ll try that.


that works fine

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This seems to still be broken as of 5/27/19.


It doesn’t need to be a mesh, you can also use a normal part that has the same size as the UpperTorso.

You can do the same for every body part, too so that the helmet follows the head’s movement.

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This is happening for me as well, I wonder why this is happening and if the humanoid changes the detail level of mesh parts in some way.

This is affecting clothing in World Zero, exact same issue as OP. Makes our clothing flicker like it has floating point issues.

Can LOD be disabled until this is resolved?


Hope this is fixed soon. Its a pretty big issue as its affecting our gun models we have recently imported and we cannot release an update with new content if its not fixed…

This is still happening to me, and it’s stalling progress on all of my games. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind LOD just being disabled until this issue is fixed. It’s stalling everything, and I’ve been waiting well over a week for a fix. I can’t really work around anything I make because they aren’t adding onto the default R15 rig or anything, they’re custom characters on their own, imported from Blender.

I don’t doubt a fix is being worked on but I really feel this issue isn’t being cared about as much as it should be. Sorry if BTS it’s being worked on thoroughly but we aren’t getting much response from actual staff yet.

The main thing I would REALLY appreciate knowing is: Are we going to have to reimport the affected meshes? If not then I can deal with them until a fix is out but otherwise there is no point trying to work with them.

As a side note; I haven’t been able to update my game in almost two weeks because of this. I really don’t want my community having to deal with these eyesores.

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I would really like to know whether or not we will need to reimport them as well. I have a bunch of rigs that are affected by this issue, and I’d hate to have a bunch of animations wiped due to re-importing the models.

Hi, there was a fix for these released last week but it led to some crashes, so we disabled it. New fix is about ready, we’ll try to get it out this week or it might go out next week. You won’t have to reimport the affected meshes.


Is this the same bug that is causing textures to be deformed when applied to a mesh inside a Humanoid model, too?


Without Humanoid:
With Humanoid:

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From what I have heard applying a texture to a mesh should actually fix the issue?

I’m not sure about that, the meshes with textures should work fine inside the humanoid.

This is happening to my friend aswell, here you can see a planes’ cargo door with a texture applied (Obviously it’s a meshpart), the textures’ lighting gets glitched when you add a humanoid to it:


All the other issues with the mesh deformation are on it aswell: