Humanoid Deforms Textures on Mesh

I initially thought this was related to the current Humanoid + Mesh deformation bug however after asking on that thread, staff noted this is not related - thus I am making a new bug report…

When applying a Texture to a mesh that shares a Model with a Humanoid, the Texture gets deformed. This is especially noticeable if the Texture object is semi-transparent (which is required for my use case).

Applying Humanoid to Model with Texture present:

Changing Transparency of Texture with Humanoid in Model.

In the examples you can see when I add the Humanoid object, the texture (+mesh) becomes deformed - causing the transparency to be applied inconsistently.

This only happens when there is a Humanoid present in the model with a Mesh + Texture. This does not happen with Decal objects - however Texture objects would be ideal to use, as you can resize the textures without uploading multiple images.

Texture Repro.rbxm (50.7 KB)


Thanks, I’ll have a look at the repro.


This is because you are using texture instances rather than setting the TextureId property of the MeshPart. Your textures are being wrapped to the deformed mesh as you are not actually properly UV mapping a texture onto it.

Once the engineering team roll out a fix for the mesh deformation issue, this should be fixed.
But I could be wrong.