Humanoid In Workspace Causing Immense Lag

TL;DR: This might be a bug or some other issue, but having a Humanoid accidentally get placed in the workspace (with 1,000+ descendants) caused a crazy amount of lag in our game without being obvious.

First, before going far into this I realize this is posted under the wrong category. I tried to find a way to post this as a bug or somewhere better to get noticed and looked into, but this is the best place that I know I can post to since I do not have permission to post this into the bug section. When looking at this, disregard the organization of the workspace as we know that it may not be optimal and it is not supposed to be the spotlight of the post.

Background, last night my friend and I were working on a game and a ton of lag came out of nowhere which we could not trace and dissected just about every script in the game. We spent 4.5 hours from 1:00 am to 5:30 am looking into this with no luck at all. Today I compared previous versions and found that there was a Humanoid in the newer workspace but not the old one. I deleted it and it fixed the major lag.

I want to know whether this is a bug, or if it is working as intended and just the circumstances caused it to behave this way. The reason I feel this may be unintentional is because the wiki states, " Humanoids are always parented inside of a Model , and the model is expected to be an assembly of BasePart and Motor6D" and in this circumstance, the Humanoid was accidentally placed into the workspace. I would also like this to serve almost as a PSA to prevent others from running into this issue or have help solving it if they fall into this issue.

If any other information is needed let me know.

Here is a video showing this chaos:


Oof, welcome to the buggy humanoid gang sorry if you have experienced it more than once

Yeah I believe this is how it’s supposed to work according to the theory. The humanoid is expecting there to be a humanoid root part but doesn’t so it will keep searching until it finds it I believe throughout the parent it’s inserted in which is the 1000 plus part workspace.

the root part of the assembly is expected to be named HumanoidRootPart