Humanoid MoveTo TargetRadius

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to move the humanoid to a point on a map with some leeway. What I mean by this is that it’s (afaik) impossible to make a humanoid move to a position within a radius without excessive loops and calculations whilst still returning :MoveToFinished() as a success.

For example, the below screenshots shows the Dummy NPC attempting to walk to 2 different sized parts. The first one is in front of the wall so the dummy has no issue reaching it, the second one (although still partially in front of) has its position behind the wall therefore meaning that although the dummy can reach the part, it can’t reach the part’s exact position.

The next screenshot shows the Dummy running towards a player character that’s moving and although it’s less than a stud away, it still hasn’t reached its target. Sure we can use lookvetor to solve that issue but then the same thing happens when the player is running towards the dummy as the dummy tries to pass through the character to get behind.

To solve this, as a feature I’m asking for either a property in the Humanoid that’s similar to the property (TargetRadius) found in the Rocket Propulsion instance. Another method would be to add a 3rd parameter to the :MoveTo method which would look somewhat like MoveTo(location, part, radius)

If Roblox were able to address this, it would help create NPC characters that can stop when they’re near their target as opposed to right on top of it. It’ll help reduce server load (that’ll grow with the number of NPCs moving at once) as we’ll no longer have to check the NPC’s distance from its target every so often.