Humanoid Physics are unstable as of April 18 2024

This might have been resolved through this already:

I originally thought I was having a bug in my game, but many other devs have confirmed they are reporting the exact same issue.

This issue appears to happen seemingly at random when fairly vanilla character models are just standing still.
Characters are shaking as if their orientation is struggling to act correctly. This is causes some strange flickering that also shakes the camera as a consequence.
The physics also appears to act a bit unusual as a result.
Additional, characters jump much higher than intended.


  • Modifying their humanoid state will fix it temporarily.
  • Both R6 and R15 are affected


Same with mine, Turned off client animator throttling , made it not happen as much,

We have altered some flags that might have caused this issue. Can you confirm if the issues are still there?

As of now , No the issues have not happened

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Still happening as of 4/19, having issues in games that haven’t been touched since the 13th.


Still getting reports of this.

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This is broken again as of now.

I’m gonna close this thread as the specific issue I was outlining was in fact caused by the initial linked forum post.

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