Humanoid.AutomaticScalingEnabled now enabled

AutomaticScalingEnabled allows the Humanoid’s automatic scaling code to be enabled/disabled by developers. This will allow them to selectively choose when the Humanoid scaling code can modify the proportions of the character automatically. It can be used to prevent prescaled characters from being rescaled again when added to Workspace and to prevent automatic rebuilding of rigs and resetting of HipHeight when characters are scaled by developer’s code. Additionally, if a character is already scaled using the the automatic scaling, when this toggle is disabled, the character will retain its current scales.


This addition is very useful for me, albeit not for what it’s probably intended.

For some reason, in accessories with more than one part, only the Handle is automatically resized, and that ends up distorting some of the accessories I have made.

This, however, provides a quick fix to that.



This update re-added a bug from 2016 that breaks custom-made tool welds after ragdolling.
I have not updated my game for over a week and this bug appeared just hours ago.

I don’t have a repro yet I find it important to report this.

EDIT: This is likely related to this Changing the rules for eliminating duplicated Welds and other rigid joints


@CodeWriter I have an older game, and am wondering what the default value of AutomaticScalingEnabled is set to. Is it set to true by default?

Enter the game in play solo and find out?

Enabled by default.