Humanoid.CameraOffset missing [notreplicated] tag and client-only note

After some brief testing following a recent support topic on CameraOffset, I have discovered that CameraOffset is not replicated across the server/client boundary and can only be used by the client.

There is no mention of this on the documentation page. It does not have a [notreplicated] tag which implies it does replicate across the client/server boundary and there’s no indication that this is client-side only despite the server being unable to influence camera offset by setting this property.

I don’t know if this is the official situation and if it’s accurate not to have either the [notreplicated] tag or no mention of the property only being usable by the client, however testing represents documentation inaccuracies. As well, logically speaking, camera work is client-side only. CameraOffset has to do with the client camera.

Repro steps for the curious:

  1. Open a new place file (Ctrl + N) and start a new Play Solo session (F5 works).
  2. Switch to the server view and change Humanoid.CameraOffset to any value.
  3. Switch to the client view, check your screen and the value of Humanoid.CameraOffset.

After step 3, if you see no change in the offset of the camera and CameraOffset reads {0, 0, 0}, the repro successfully corroborates my statements.


Shouldn’t this be added to the API dump instead of just the developer hub?

CameraOffset in the latest api dump.

    "Category": "Data",
    "MemberType": "Property",
    "Name": "CameraOffset",
    "Security": {
        "Read": "None",
        "Write": "None"
    "Serialization": {
        "CanLoad": false,
        "CanSave": false
    "ValueType": {
        "Category": "DataType",
        "Name": "Vector3"

CameraOffset has no tags, this doesn’t seem to be a docs bug.

It should be added to both but I don’t know if the IX team also handles API. They can forward the message to the people who can if they aren’t responsible for it however. This is different from my request which is to update insufficient documentation.

We don’t have client-only tags, those are mentioned as part of a member’s article. That’s why I’m writing a documentation request, because the documentation is incorrect (or rather insufficient) in not mentioning either of these things and that’s caused problems such as in the support thread I linked.

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