HumanoidDescription is loading *very* strangely on the client

Not really sure how much I can ask about this one. I apply a HumanoidDescription to a player.

On the server, it loads like this:

On the player’s client, it loads like this:

But for some reason, for other players, it loads like this:

Any ideas? :confused:

– Update –
It seems to have swapped its preference to this new one!


Is AutomaticScalingEnabled Disable?

Can we see the Characters instances in the Explorer so we can understand how it’s setup?

Did you delete OriginalSize and/or OriginalPosition?

Can you please post your method of applying the HumanoidDescriptor. For example, if it’s a script, please can we have some code?

That will allow us to help your specific problem, instead of making a stab in the dark.

Probably related to Avatar looks messed up on the client and fine on the server when scaled

A fix will be released soon.

function ApplyDescription(character, descriptionName)
	if character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then

@RuizuKun_Dev what does AutomaticScalingEnabled do? The documentation is a bit lackluster :smile:

Some further testing has shown that this is what each one sees. The player who is being modified sees what the server sees, but other players see all of the joints go bonkers.


So, am I right in saying that the server sees the correct scaling of the avatar?

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Yeah, that would be correct. Both the client who has been altered and the server see the correct version, but all other players see the messed up version of the rig.

Wild thought - call BuildRigFromAttachments on the humanoid. That one struck me after I saw the OtherPlayerClient model with attachments all over the place. This may not fix anything but I assume it may do something. The function is intended to essentially connect attachments together and assemble a tree of Motor6Ds in the character.

You may have to destroy all Motor6Ds in the character, keep the character alive or manually change some of the Motor6Ds in order to get the end result you need.

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