HumanoidDescription setting animation property errors? Not referencing a folder?

I was messing around with the new HumanoidDescription object and I was attempting to set the animation properties to some animation I have created.

I encountered a bug and the reason I am calling it a bug is because I am pretty sure I am not doing anything wrong on my end and the error seems to be a core error. I was going to post this in the Engine Bugs section but I do not have authority to post in there.

14:53:41.847 - Asset id 2903473108 should reference a Folder Instance named R15Anim

^ That is the error I get. The weird thing is is whenever I use an R15 animation on an R6 character it doesnt error but when I use an R6 animation on my R6 character it gives the error above.

I am using R6 in my animations and in my game, but the HumanoidDescription will not allow me to use any R6 animations on an R6 character. I think this is a core bug and I dont know if there is anything I can do about it? Does anyone have any ideas?


To post a bug report you have to post it in #bulletin-board then message a @/Lead_Top_Contributor and request them to move it.

Alrighty thanks

But I cant delete this post and I dont want to post the same thing twice that may come off as spam. So I guess Ill just leave it here and @ someone to move it?

You can edit the post to change the category.

Oh thanks :slight_smile:

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