Humanoid::MoveTo should move the character vertically while swimming

User Story:

As a developer, it is currently impossible to use Humanoid::MoveTo to navigate water, as it only supports lateral movement.

Use Case:

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience by not requiring me to build a custom navigation system with BodyForce/etc just to navigate while swimming, when MoveTo suits my needs otherwise.

Useful Information:

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Repro: repro.rbxl (19.8 KB)

  1. Spawn a test character in the corner of the body of water
  2. Click the AutoSwim button to use Humanoid::MoveTo to swim towards the origin
  3. Move the camera underwater to see a line pointing from the character to the origin
  4. The character is not trying to swim deeper even though the target location is below it



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Support :ok_hand:

It’s been six years, yet this is still an issue…

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