HumanoidRootPart.Running.PlaybackSpeed should be 1.98 as default, and not 1.85

Reproduction Steps

Make a standard character walk and hear the sound

Expected Behavior

Footsteps sounds should be in sync

Actual Behavior

Footsteps sounds are not in sync


Change HumanoidRootPart.Running.PlaybackSpeed from 1.85 (default) to 1.98:

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


Thanks for the report. I filed a ticket to our internal database.


This is something that all depends on the animation’s speed and your character’s overall size. This is something that affects all games using the default Roblox sound system and animation system. 1.85 is perfect for the default scales, but it should be adjusted accordingly when the animation is sped up or slowed down


I’m using the default Humanoid.WalkSpeed, that’s 16.
I’m using a default character.
That’s why I opened this bug report, about the default.
But you could send a video with other character sizes to compare the animations and sounds. But all with the default Humanoid.WalkSpeed, ok?

The default scales are here for R15:

BodyTypeScale = 0
BodyProportionsScale = 0
BodyHeightScale = 1
BodyWidthScale = 1
BodyDepthScale = 1
BodyHeadScale = 1

This is the speed I am referring to:

Humanoid.WalkSpeed = 16

Do you have them all set for this? These are the defaults and it seems to be synced up on my end with these scales. If there are any changes to these scales, the animation is desynced. Roblox’s default animation script changes the speed depending on the scale of the avatar as shown here:

function getHeightScale()
	if Humanoid then
		if not Humanoid.AutomaticScalingEnabled then
			return 1
		local scale = Humanoid.HipHeight / HumanoidHipHeight
		if not AnimationSpeedDampeningObject then
			AnimationSpeedDampeningObject = script:FindFirstChild("ScaleDampeningPercent")
		if AnimationSpeedDampeningObject then
			scale = 1 + (Humanoid.HipHeight - HumanoidHipHeight) * AnimationSpeedDampeningObject.Value / HumanoidHipHeight
		return scale
	return 1

Maybe this could be implemented in the animation script as well for movement.

By default, that also means scale set to default. Your Robloxian looks a little tall, are you sure you aren’t using proportions/Rthro?

Probably better to consolidate into this request: Better footstep sounds that match with Character Animations

It doesn’t seem like this is necessarily a bug but more like a request for improvement. Also the thread above is much more broad in terms of what should be addressed. (your suggested solution is not an across-the-board solution)

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Hi, we recognize this as an issue. The inability to perfectly sync footsteps sounds for all Roblox characters is a limitation of the current character animation system - changing the playback speed won’t improve it. As it’s not a bug, please bring attention to this in the Feature Requests category. Thanks!