Humanoids casting odd shadows on meshes

So I just finished my witch/wizard hat mesh and decided to put it on a dummy to see how it looks. Turns out the shadows start acting weird:

Removing the humanoids reveal that they cause this behaviour:

This happens regardless of whether the mesh has a TextureID or not. I think it has something to do with the unique shadows models with a humanoid cast. Here’s the repro place (meshes and texture might still be pending):

MeshShadowRepro.rbxl (14.6 KB)


mesh parts or special mesh?

This happens with any humanoid shadows being cast on near objects.

If you parent the hat to the humanoid’s parent it’ll be fine

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Happens with both

Oh, alright. I’m not sure if I should mark this as the solution though, as it still seems like odd behaviour.

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Well, it’s character shadows. If it’s part of the outfit, you want it inside the character - the hat comes part of the character’s shadow. As of so, the fix makes the system as intended - but certainly, the bug with shadows going odd for close objects still remains, nonetheless.

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It also does it on UnionOperations…

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Sorry to necropost.
But 7 years and this still hasn’t been fixed in Compatibility? :confused: