Humanoids Freezing

Is anyone else getting this? I joined a Server of mine, and after about a minute, all humanoids just froze.

However, if a humanoid resets or is created after me, they work fine.

I’m on a Mac.

Here, is after a couple of people on the Ice reset:

it’s the same bug as this thread, which was in 2014

Have you been able to find a consistent repro?

It’s because of how cold it is in there.


well it seems to occur when I join a server with like 10+ people. I’m in a server now with only 3 people, and it hasn’t happened yet. But it did happen twice in a row in a server with 10+ people.

I flipped a switch on something to do with interpolation timestamps. Let me know if you stop being able to repro this on bigger servers.

I don’t think it’s occurring anymore. If it helps, it seems like it’s a rendering issue, as the collisions physics are still correct for the humanoids, just the updating render position of the character seems to be broken. Changing the CFrames of Welds/Motor6D on the character still render correctly (i.e. animations).

Interpolation is rendering only for now, so that would make sense if these two were related.