Humanoid.SeatPart as settable

Give me a good way to correctly seat someone apart from just a weird teleport attempt.


You can already do all the stuff a seat actually does. Which is just creating a weld called SeatWeld and setting its properties. SeatWelds don’t have any internal magic AFAIK.

I have custom localscripts that handle WASD driving and so on. I just want the character to animate and sit in the seat. If I just Create a SeatWeld and set P0 to Seat and P1 to HRP it’ll do the animation and such for me as well as position the character properly?

Yeah you have to change the humanoid state to Seated too.

Uhhh I don’t know exactly what the properties should be. Just look at the default SeatWeld and do that.

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I tried this server-side and when someone seated with this method dies, everyone seated with that method dies even if they aren’t in the same vehicle /shrug. Maybe it’s supposed to be client-side?

Wat. Can you repro that?

Can’t confirm. Repro.rbxl (14.8 KB)

There are two scripts in the place: one Script in ServerScriptService (enabled by default), and one LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts (disabled by default). They both create seats for the player to sit on and weld them to it, with the only difference being the LocalScript does it locally. When I created a test server with two players, I tried both scripts, each with FE on/off, and reset on one character each test. In all of the tests, no other character was killed.

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I tried to repo and what I found is that it wasn’t actually killing the other humanoid, my vehicles were somehow affecting the other vehicles in the map and dragging them to NAN,NAN,NAN position and NAN, NAN, NAN velocity when one player died, which has the same effect as killing them. Only happens with PGS enabled. Hooray for reaffirming my opinions about PGS, I guess?

Oh. Can you repro that and send it to Khanovich?

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