Hunger Games - How to Play


Welcome to the Hunger Games, tribute! Let’s get you up to speed so you actually have a fighting chance in the arena.

If you’d like to read about updates made to the game, check out the Patch Notes instead.

:large_blue_circle: Survival

While in the games, you have three stats: Health, Hunger and Thirst. You want to keep all of these as high as possible as much as you can:

  • Replenish hunger by eating foods like bread, fish, berries or chocolate (see below)
  • Replenish thirst by drinking water from bottles, refill them at water tiles.
  • Health regenerates passively and while eating. The lower your health is the faster it will regenerate. Each second, you recover 2.5% of your missing health OR 0.5% of your max health, whichever is higher.
  • Jumping is limited: If you jump too much, jumping disables for a brief moment.

Warning: If you start to get hungry or thirsty, your health will drain away. Find something to eat/drink immediately!

:large_blue_circle: Consumables

While holding a consumable, click to eat/drink it. For details on each kind consumable, see below:

Foods found in the Cornucopia (center)
Item Bites Time Health Hunger Thirst Notes
Bread 5 1.2s 5 5 Given to Bread Bonus game pass holders
Melon Slice 5 1.2s 3 1 6 Requires Melon Bonus game pass
Banana 5 1.2s 5 3 3 It’s yellow!
Cheese 2 1.2s 8 4 It’s also yellow.
Chocolate 3 1.5s 15 10 -1
Foods found around the Arena
Item Bites Time Health Hunger Thirst Found near
Blue Berries 5 1.2s 4 2 3 Bushes
Red Berries 5 1.2s 4 2 3 Bushes
Grapes 6 1.2s 5 3 4 Bushes
Fish 6 1.2s 12 4 1 Water tiles
Red Apple 5 1.2s 10 3 3 Trees
Green Apple 5 1.2s 8 4 5 Trees

Bottles restore thirst and can be refilled at blue water source tiles.

Item Bites Time Health Hunger Thirst
Bottle 4 0.8s 8
Big Bottle 8 0.8s 8
Poisonous Items
Item Bites Time Health Hunger Thirst Found near
Sour Apple 2 2.0s -30 -20 -20 Trees
Poison 3 2.0s -25 -25 -25 Cornucopia
Nightlock 2 2.0s -80 -50 -75 Bushes

:large_blue_circle: The Arena

Every arena is randomly generated! The only part that stays the same is the center, which always contains the Cornucopia. Arenas may feature varying biomes with different amounts of bushes, trees, elevation, caves, water tiles, and more.


The Arena takes on a biome, or natural theme. Sometimes (25% chance), a blend of two biomes will be used.

Biome Caves? Notes
Forest :heavy_check_mark: Lots of vegetation
Field Very few trees
Jungle :heavy_check_mark: Lots of vegetation and elevation
Tundra :heavy_check_mark: Water tiles may be frozen
Desert Like field, but sandy
Swamp Wet, few trees
Mountains :heavy_check_mark: Lots of elevation and rocks
Ocean Flat, all water tiles
Volcano Cornucopia area only!
  • Bushes spawn red/blue berries, grapes and nightlock.
  • Trees sometimes (60% chance) spawn red, green and sour apples. Sometimes (3% chance) a tracker jacker nest spawns, which sends a deadly tracker jacker chasing after you when you get close.

Caves are features found in certain biomes. Within them, you’ll find food, weapons and a Torch. While held, the torch provides HP regen (1.5% max HP per second).

:large_blue_circle: The Cornucopia and the Bloodbath

The center of the arena, called the Cornucopia, provides a large source of weapons and food. At the beginning of the game, you’ll get a good view of the Cornucopia before a bloodbath starts as players scramble to pick up valuable items and easy kills.

If you find you’re struggling with combat, remember: you don’t have to fight during the bloodbath! You can choose to run into the Arena without risking your life.

:red_circle: Weaponry

If you run into another tribute, expect to put up a fight or perish! There are three kinds of weapons available:

Melee Weapons

Click to swing a melee weapon.

  • Club: 10 dmg
  • Dagger: 12 dmg, can lunge, given to players with Dagger bonus game pass
  • Sword: 20 dmg, can lunge
  • Battleaxe: 24 dmg
  • Poison Sword: 25 dmg, can lunge
  • Trident: 32 dmg

For swords, you can double click to lunge. This points the sword forward for a moment, extending its hitbox.

Ranged Weapons

Click to fire a projectile at target location.

  • Bow: 30 dmg, 1s reload, 225 proj. speed
  • Kunai: 25 dmg, 1s reload
  • Poison Kunai: 30 dmg, 1s reload

It helps if you actually hit your target, by the way.


Click to place a trap. Cooldown: 10s. Arm time: 2s. Limit of 2 traps at once. Traps show an illusion of a useful item, such as a weapon or food. When a player steps on it, they will:

  • Take 40 damage
  • Be locked in place for 2s
  • Be slowed for 6s by 12 WalkSpeed (approx. 66% slow)

Note: There’s only one kind of trap. There’s no way to choose what illusion item is.

:red_circle: Levels and XP

Your fighting strength is indicated by your level. Higher level means more health. You gain levels through gaining experience, which is visible at the top of your screen. Experience can be gained in various ways:

  • Killing tributes (see Hunting other Tributes below)
  • Winning the game: 100 XP + 2 per weapon/food in your backpack
  • Placing wagers on tributes who do the above (see Betting)

:red_circle: Hunting Tributes

Weapons are available in the Cornucopia (center) and within caves. When you kill a tribute, you earn 15 XP. You can also earn more XP if these apply:

Double XP

If you have the Double XP game pass, you earn another 15 XP for each kill. Your XP reward for winning the games is also doubled.

First Blood

If your victim was the first to die to a player, you receive 25 bonus XP.


As players score kills, a greater reward is given to whoever kills them!

  • First kill: 15 XP
  • Every kills after first: 5 XP
  • First blood: 10 XP
  • Killing a player with a bounty: half of their bounty
Level higher than yours

Killing a player whose level is higher than yours grants 5 XP per level above yours (maximum 40 XP).

:1st_place_medal:Career Tribute

Some tributes make it their job to win the games! Those tributes are Career Tributes, and you can become one for 90 R$ with the Career Tribute game pass. You get:

  • +25 Max Health
  • +2 Max Health per Level
  • +2 WalkSpeed
Click here for details on tributes' Health and WalkSpeed stats.
Health Walk Speed
Normal Tribute 100 + 8 per level 18
Career Tribute 125 + 10 per level 20

:green_circle: Lobby Features

There’s a lot to do when you’re not partaking in the Hunger Games!

Training Room

A teleporter in the lobby can take you to the second floor, where you can learn about arena biomes and food items. You can try out all the different weapons on training bots and target boards.

Sponsoring (see below)

You can send items to players in-game who might be struggling, or skilled warriors that need more supplies! Each round, claim and spend Sponsor Points (SP) on various supplies and weapons for players in the games.

Betting (see below)

If you’ve got a keen eye for a player’s skill, you can wager on their victory and be rewarded with XP! Each round, claim and spend Betting Points (BP) on Wager Points (WP), which reward you for a player’s kills and victory.

Gamemaker's Room

Some players may be chosen to be gamemakers for a round. After a short while, a gamemaker may choose to initiate a disaster that brings danger to the tributes. Send deadly wolf muttations or shrink the map to bring players close together! Gamemakers are given 75 XP at the end of a round; this amount is doubled if they trigger a disaster.

:green_circle: Sponsoring

If you aren’t playing a round of the Hunger Games, you can sponsor tributes within the arena by sending them items! Each round, you can claim 1000 Sponsor Points (SP), unless you have the Super Sponsor game pass which gives 3000 Sponsor Points.

  1. Enter the Betting Room and claim your Sponsor Points (SP).
  2. Type a player’s username in the sponsor window.
  3. (Optional) Type a note to include with the item.
  4. Step on a sponsor button to spend SP. The player is sent the item!
Sponsor Items -- See the above sections for more info on these items
Item SP
Note only 50
Bread 200
Bottle 500
Kunai 750
Sword 750
Medkit 1200
Poison Kunai 1250
Poison Sword 1500

When you are sponsored, a dinging balloon appears above you. Within it contains the item and sometimes a note written by the sender. Touch the balloon to pop it and access your items. If you get a note, hold it and click to send it to the Note Pocket. From there you can read it.

:green_circle: Betting

Fancy a wager on someone’s victory? Each round, you are given 1000 Betting Points (BP), unless you have the Great Gambler game pass which gives 3000 Betting Points. BP can be spent on Wager Points (WP) for a specific player. The process is like sponsoring:

  1. Enter the Betting Room and claim your Betting Points (BP).
  2. Type a player’s username in the betting window.
  3. Step on a betting button to spend BP on Wager Points (WP).

For every Wager Point (WP) you buy for a player, you earn XP when that player:

  • Kills another tribute: 1 XP per 1 WP
  • Wins the Hunger Games: 10 XP per 1 WP (Double XP will double this amount!)

:green_circle: Gamemakers (GMs)

Each Games, one or more players may be selected to participate as a gamemaker - they will be shown at the end of the reaping. Instead of taking part of the Games as a tribute, a GM’s job is to trigger deadly disasters to cause peril to the tributes who remain.

Gamemaker Status and Disaster Selection
  • Gamemaker Selection
    • A GM is selected after the 14th, 21st, and 24th tributes are reaped.
    • You must be level 5 or higher to be eligible.
    • If you reset or leave the game, you lose your GM status for that round.
    • As a GM, you cannot place bets or make sponsorships, unless you lose your GM status.
  • Disaster Selection
    • The first disaster can only be triggered 2 minutes into the Games.
    • Another disaster may be triggered after 1 minute 30 seconds have passed since the last.
    • Certain disasters require certain amounts of tributes remaining. See the list below for details.
    • When a disaster is selected, tributes are notified immediately.
    • You are encouraged to cooperate with other GMs when picking disasters.
  • You get 75 XP at the end of the round if you triggered at least one disaster and are still a GM.
    • This is doubled to 150 XP with the Double XP game pass!
Arena Disasters

The numbers in parenthesis indicate the range of tributes that must be alive in order for the disaster to be triggerable.

  • Blizzard (2-20): The map is slowly engulfed in a layer of snow, freezing water tiles and revealing tributes.
  • Drought (2-12): Tributes lose a large amount of Thirst (75, down to at most 10). Water tiles are dried up one at a time.
  • Famine (2-12): Tributes lose a large amount of Hunger (65, down to at most 12).
  • Flood (2-20): Water tiles begin to spread and fill the arena.
  • Forest Fire (2-20): Trees begin to catch fire and damage nearby tributes (25).
  • Spoil Food (2-10): Consumables in the Arena and in tributes’ possessions have a chance to be destroyed entirely.
  • Wolf Mutts (2-6): Several (12) deadly wolf mutts are spawned in the center of the Arena, and they chase down remaining tributes. They have 150 health.
  • Shrink Map (2-6): Deadly red walls start closing in on tributes, forcing them back to the center of the Arena.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!