Hyper Real Graphic Setter! [CC]

Hello, Fellow Robloxians! As you may know, DLS Shaders are the fastest-growing graphic setters on the platform! My group and I (Cybercity) have made a new, mortified version of DLS Shaders to celebrate this, And we are calling it (H)DLS+. While the name might sound corny (we know), the graphics are anything but! Whereas DLS is based on standard video game shaders, (H)DLS is based on real-life images provided by over 300+ devs!
“What is it?”
Cybercity’s hyper-real graphic setters, or DLS, is a free-to-use model you can use whenever!

Below is an image of the graphics in action!

But wait, that’s not all!
Cybercity also has another, new “Cinematic Shaders” in the works you can get now.

Model Link: (1) (H)DLS Shaders+ [CC] - Roblox
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Any questions, comments, or concerns will be seen in the comments of this forum!


Do you have any experience where I can test the shaders? Are these more than just lighting presets? Will this have a performance impact?


Hello @WinnersTakesAll, and sorry for the late response.

Yes, There is an experience where you can test the new (H)DLS Shaders, or you can buy and try them yourself. This package only affects light presents and the appearance of experiences, Meaning DLS should not impact game performance. If there is an impact on game performance, don’t hesitate to contact Cybercity or me if it’s not the platform you are running it on.

LINK TO TEST GAME: (1) (H)DLS Shaders Test Game - Roblox

This is just a lighting preset with cinematic shutters.
It’s not shaders. Not in my books, at least.


Why does it play an awful sound every playtest?

Why are you waiting?

What? You mean using Lighting is the fastest growing as it’s the only way to change lighting properties?


Hey @bluebxrrybot,

I market the model as a “lighting setter” and “shaders” with the second word just being more gimmicky to say. When I said the fastest growing, I am referring to the fact the original DLS has 4,000+ sales, with most sales going to the most popular showcase games on Roblox. As for the sound, it’s called when the script is activated and can be disabled.

  • Thanks for the feedback!

We alredy hit 100 sales on the new model released less than a week ago!

Thank you all so much for supporting my group and me.

pleaseee! everyone keeps using BLACK for their lighting properties! shadows arent pitch black, the sunlight isn’t grayscale either!

OutdoorAmbient is your Shadow colour. Shadows are usually blue! even if its a very dark blue, it’s most of the time, blue.
ColorShift_Top is your sunlight colour! Go with a little orange.

  • Just having these two be orange and blue compliments eachother really well.

And dont be shy to turn the brightness up! (unless its overcast or a gloomy environment)

But to make it :sparkles: pop :sparkles: you’re going to want a ColorCorrection and Bloom, bloom isn’t necessary.

Yes white glows in the sun! My neighbours house is all white and it hurts my eyes to look at when I wake up and look across the street.
You Need ColorCorrection to give life to your lighting for its contrast otherwise it looks gloomy and… grey.

But do note that if you change your ColorCorrection settings then you’ll almost definitely need to change your bloom settings again.

But hey, I’m glad you included a lens flare and motion blur instead of only lighting settings, which already makes this model a LOT better than most, and it’s lighting wasn’t bad at all compared to other ones i’ve seen



Shadows are… black. They don’t emit light. They are the absence of light! :nerd_face:

The image you showed is their lighting settings.

Shadows are black on planets or moons with no atmosphere.
Take our moon for example. No atmopshere and nowhere for light to bounce so shadows are pitch black.

Earths atmosphere is a vibrant blue which causes shadows to have a slight blue hue.
Yes. If you’re in a dark area or it’s night in the middle of a forest, shadows will not be blue.

If you were to be on say, Mars, your shadows will be orange since its atmosphere is orange.

This was a photo taken on mars by Nasa


Thank you so much for the feedback! I have recently updated the pack to feature more things to play around with.

This is an early demo of 2.2.0:

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Dramatic Graphic Test:

(Sorry for the low quality)


Nice photo of Nevada. NASA did a good job picking a spot for that one.

Just correcting you on the location of the photo. :slightly_smiling_face:

Alot of digital artists when making outdoor art, will add a multiplier layer on the top as the shadows and use dark desaturated blue for the shadows.
Indoor shadows are black

Simple google search
“The apparent blueness of outdoor shadows has two main causes: the illumination of the shadows by blue skylight and the enhancement of the perception of blue by simultaneous color contrast. Other physiological mechanisms, such as brightness contrast and afterimages, can also affect the perception of a shadow’s blueness.”


(H)DLS+ version 3.0.0 is coming soon!

Here is a sneak peak:

I have a question related to the graphics model.

How well would this work in VR? Roblox VR kinda has meh performance and I’m wondering if it also makes it realistic on there while also boosting performance.

Hyper Real


I know, roblox’s rendering engine sucks… :pleading_face:

I have not tested it in VR, although I believe it’ll work fine. If not, please contact me!

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