New Realistic Graphic setter! [CC]

Hello Fellow Robloxians! My group and I (Cybercity) have worked on high-quality “graphic setters” for the past five years. It is safe to say we have cracked the code for UHD graphics in Roblox! Background Info: Chances are, you’ve probably seen a showcase-style game before; they’ve been especially prominent in modern-day Roblox. Would it surprise you that 51% of those games are made from one model alone? You heard me right!
“What is it?”
Cybercity’s hyper-real graphic setters, or DLS, is a free-to-use model you can use whenever!

Below is a picture of the graphics in action!

Model Link: (1) DLS Shaders! [V1.3.0] - Roblox
FULL Forum:
DLS Updates: Hyper Real Graphic Setter! [CC] - Resources / Community Resources - Developer Forum | Roblox



This will error when a player joins the game because the script doesn’t have anything named “LenFlareGui” within it


How does this work and how do I use it?


the “PUT IN WORKSPACE” thing could error as there is no script named “LenFlareGui”, so remove this code block:

	local SunFX = script.LensFlareGui:Clone()
	SunFX.Parent = plr.PlayerGui

and place it in Workspace, Place these Бұлт in Terrain, Terrain is inside Workspace (if you don’t understand what “Бұлт” means and why I say it, look at this spoiler)

Бұлт means Cloud in Kazakh (Қазақ тілі in Kazakh), and I said that because there’s some STUPID GIRL named “Cloud” and it starts with the letter C which I hate cuz it either makes the S or the K sound

Place the “PUT IN STARTER GUI” in StarterGui, then place the “Atmosphere” and “Sky” in Lighting so you should know how to use it

if you’re wondering how it works, It makes it look like Ray Tracing (people hate my former friend’s resource for claiming that it’s RTX but put “THEY ARE NOT RTX” in the post, putting in graphics and more)


how is the word “Бұлт” relevant to anything being talked about in this topic?

No offense, but now i’m starting to agree with @gitrog and @lolmansReturn about this being some sort of “online personality” or “flex”.