Hyper realistic Lighting Settings?

Hello, I am a beginner when it comes to Lighting. I was wondering how can someone adjust the Lighting to hyper realistic? What are the settings? What do you add? What colors do you use? It will be much appreciated if you could provide me with such information since it can be very helpful. Thank you everyone.


This is pretty easy to do and you can ask to experts lik @FxllenCode or try it by yourself messing with the settings. Here are some helpful posts:

All of them related to lighting. Hope it helps!


Thank you very much for your message buddy. Let’s see what others have to say about this topic.


Here’s my summary of what I usually do.


General lighting settings I use.

Now, these settings depend on what you want for your game. You have to decide what undertones you want based on the time of day and the weather. This goes for Ambient, ColorShift_Bottom, and OutdoorAmbient.

Ambient affects the overall color and brightness of the shadows in your game. You can make this darker or brighter depending on dark you want poorly-lit areas. You can also change the color of this if you want shadows to be cool or warm toned, I usually use a cool-toned gray.

ColorShift_Bottom affects the color of the sunlight/moonlight throughout your game. Most people don’t mess with this if their game changes time, unless you make a script to change the color through the day. If it’s daytime, I make it a pale yellow. If it’s nighttime, I make it a cool-toned white. This setting’s counterpart, ColorShift_Top, does nothing as far as I’m aware. I don’t mess with it.

OutdoorAmbient mostly affects the shadows found outside. It works similarly to how Ambient works.

Now for the other settings in this section.

For Brightness, I usually go between 1-3 depending on the time and weather in-game. I lean towards using 2.3 for bright midday.

EnvironmentSpecularScale affects materials in your game, mainly metal. I set this to 1 to make these material’s reflections more realistic. This settings counterpart, EnvironmentDiffuseScale, changes the tones in your game. I don’t mess with this setting as I feel like it washes out a lot of colors with cool-tones.

ShadowSoftness is up to personal preference. I usually set this setting to 0.1.

Lastly for this section, I would recommend using Future lighting for the Technology setting as it’s the best one available at the moment. One thing about this though, if there’s a lot of lights in your game Future lighting might make your game laggier. If that’s the case for you, I would suggest switching to ShadowMap until ROBLOX deals with any bugs and such since Future isn’t really finished from what I’ve heard.

Post Processing Effects

These can be inserted into Lighting to add more realism to your game.

To start off, I add ColorCorrectionEffect and set the saturation and contrast to 0.1, or contrast to 0.1 and saturation to -0.1 if it looks better with the colors used in your game, or if you just want it to be less intense.

Sunrays are also good, I set the intensity to 0.2 and the spread to 0.7 so that the shape of the sun isn’t visible as the glare would make it hard to see in real life.

The Bloom shader is good for making the lighting in your game pop. I set the intensity to 0.1, the size to 0.4, and the threshold to 0.8.

DepthOfField is a good option as well, I don’t personally use it because it looks kind of strange to me, but you should mess around with the settings in it and see if it works for you!

Lastly, Atmosphere adds a great look to any game if it’s used correctly. The colors of the decay and color are up to you depending on the time of day you’re doing. I set the glare to 10 and the haze to 1.55.

Attached below is a screenshot from one of my games with these lighting settings for reference.

I hope this helps!


Hello, dude I understand your approach towards this topic, and what you provided is nice, but you know it’s not exactly related to the topic. That is high quality good graphics yes, but when I talk about, “Hyper-realistic” I am talking about something as good as at least The Canyon.

I have posted an image of the game just in case. I was wondering what Lighting settings does games like The Canyon use. Because it’s insane.


Lots of contrast and they’re using Future lighting.

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I believe games like The Canyon use the testing phase of Future Is Bright released on github and/or the one on the roblox studio beta, Future is Bright Phase 3 might be what you are looking for

Thank you for the very good explanation of what each one does :smiley:

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ColorShift_Top is a useful feature, mainly for adjusting the color of the Top lighting. Try looking down at your world to see the effects, they usually apply to parts.

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what are good colors for atmosphere, it always looks so ugly when i try to do it

depends on what the sky looks like and what time of day it is.