I can no longer open LinkedSource scripts

Ever since yesterday, I can no longer open LinkedSource scripts. I know that they are technically sunsetted, but I still have a lot of them in my games.


  1. Have a LinkedSource script
  2. Attempt to open the LinkedSource script via the Explorer or Asset Manager (double click or right click and click open)
  3. It will not open


Relevant Info:

  • It occurs using the most recent version of Roblox Studio
  • It occurs using the most recent version of Windows 10
  • This started within the past month
  • It does not occur in old versions of Roblox Studio (the 7/5 build works)

Temporary Fix (for users affected by this):

Use @Maximum_ADHD’s Roblox Studio Mod Manager to launch an old version of Roblox Studio. Any build prior to Jun 5th seems to work.


Looks like a rest in peace. I tried doing that in an outdated studio version, and it still works, so it’s not a server problem.

Uh oh. Would you mind testing this on the current build of studio to ensure it isn’t just me?

Edit: Can verify that it still works on old builds of studio.

I can’t open any LinkedSource scripts in the latest studio build (0.439.0.407878, released @ July 6th).

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Thanks for the report Yoshi. Issue should be resolved after a Studio restart. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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