Give the option to convert LinkedSource scripts into packages

LinkedSources have been sunset a while back. However, they currently function very similarly to packages. I propose a feature that allows developers to easily convert LinkedSource scripts into packages.

Proposed Flow:

  1. Right click a LinkedSource script in the Asset Manager/Game Explorer, an option appears to convert the LinkedSource to a package
    (The option would appear on this list)

  2. The developer is given an option to upload the script as a ModuleScript, LocalScript, or Script (because there is not an option to insert a package as a specific type of script)

  3. Choosing the option and clicking a convert confirmation button automatically converts the LinkedSource and all uses of the LinkedSource in the place/universe into the same package (with the PackageLink set to AutoUpdate by default, as that was the nature of LinkedSources)

The LinkedSource version of the script would still exist in the Asset Manager/Game Explorer if the developer wishes to revert for whatever reason.


  • Many developers have older games that use LinkedSources in large quantities, the ability to quickly change everything over to a package is extremely useful

  • The ability to convert LinkedSources to packages allows developers to save time by not having to open and change every instance of place that features the LinkedSource

  • LinkedSources will likely one day be removed completely, this solution plans for that (while still allowing developers to move at their needed pace)

  • I can no longer open LinkedSource scripts

  • LinkedSource scripts no longer save or can be edited


There has been a recent increase in LinkedSource script initialization failures; therefore, I have decided bump this feature request.

I don’t want to use LinkedSource scripts anymore; however, manually converting all of them over to Packages remains a massive pain.