I can't login roblox studio by mac

This happens since 3-4 days.

Troubleshoot techniques that I have tried;

  1. Reinstalling Studio
  2. Logging with another account
  3. Logging via Browser
  4. Testing on another mac user by installing studio


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Yeah many others including myself are experiencing this issue.
This post may contain some solutions to this issue: Studio Login Failed Error

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Yeah, this happened to me too. Roblox is breaking for mac users and im pretty sure they’re unaware of it. I have a similar post that just preventing me from using ROBLOX entirely. You can try restarting your router if that helps, or even flush your DNS. Bug on MacOS preventing users from opening up ROBLOX - #3 by Resurrected_Dove

This issue should be resolved: Studio Login Failed Error - #45 by aNewMoose