I can't scroll down the Popular genre for games anymore

Reproduction Steps

All I do is click on the Popular Tab on the Discovery page.

Expected Behavior

What I expect to happen is when I visit the Popular page for games, it should show me more and more games as I scroll down the page.

Actual Behavior

What actually happens when I visit the Popular page is it shows me a limited amount of games and won’t load any more if I scroll down.


No workaround at all. The same issues applies to the Roblox Player, along with the website.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: Discover - Roblox
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-11-01 00:11:00 (-07:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-11-07 00:11:00 (-07:00)


I have tried this on the website and the player, both seem to have this issue.

Though when using a slightly outdated web browser, the experiences fail to load:

On a slightly more related note, the website and player show exactly 60 experiences on the home page. There’s so little of them the scrollbar is present for no reason:

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The Infinite Scroll functionality of the Roblox website has had this issue for some time.

This problem is related to the web browser’s viewport width.

When the discovery pages are viewed on Desktop with a wide screen, it will not trigger the normal infinite scroll behavior. You will see only the top 64 items, there will be no scrollbar, and you will have the illusion that there are only 64 items on that page.

The workaround is to simply resize the browser window to a narrow width, which will cause a reflow, and the infinite scroll will begin to function normally.


This is a serious issue affecting discoverability of all but the top experiences. To establish a level playing field for all experiences, this should be addressed as a Severe issue with a High Priority.

@Focia19 i had reported it in February

Note to Roblox web engineer in charge of the solution: At my job we use ngx-virtual-scroller which can reliably determine when the visible viewport needs to be filled and generate an api request for the next page, here is their routine for viewport calculation. Display resolution will always increase, so making a larger initial page size will always be a temporary solution.

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This appears to be the cause of the issue. Roblox has made the popular sort named “Popular worldwide” and it is now at the bottom of the page for the time being.

I have heard that others are still experiencing this so please keep this report open for the time being.

This issue appears on the desktop app, leading me to believe that one of my Roblox-related extensions already “patched” the issue. And this seems to be most certainly the case and I can reproduce the issue again after disabling the extension!
happens on any sort

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Thanks for the report. Seems like the issue has been fixed on my end. @NowDoTheHarlemShake can you confirm if the issue is fixed on your end as well?

@gigagiele This issue most certainly is not fixed!

Please, visit the page with a wide screen, and you will see this:

There is no scrollbar. Only the top 64 experiences are visible. It is not possible to scroll down to see any more experiences.

As I mentioned, this is a bug in the Roblox website, and it can only be fixed by updating the Roblox website’s JavaScript code that handles the Infinite scroll.

I offered a workaround of resizing the web browser, but 100 million visitors to the Roblox website are not going to do that. They are going to see the top 64 listed and think that is it. It is not evident that by resizing the browser you can see more experiences!

@Focia19 can we please file a ticket to the internal database for a Roblox web engineer to investigate? As mentioned, this should be a high Severity because it creates an un-level playing field that features only the top 64 experiences and buries the rest in such a way that they are not discoverable. As mentioned, this has been ongoing since at least February.

After additional testing, I find that this is only an issue with the originally reported page (“PopularInCountry”), if you are logged into your Roblox account at the time you load the page. Presumably, that’s because it is dependent upon your current country, and that’s not available if not signed in. In that case it does not show a single sort, but a list of a bunch of sorts, which are not affected

This more generic page, however, reproduces the error in all browsers, regardless of whether signed in:

Confirmed in Edge, Firefox, and Chrome Incognito window.


I filed a ticket to our internal database regarding this issue. We’ll come back with updates when possible


So sorry for the late response here. Because the bar is disabled, I’m going to close out the thread. We’re working hard on improving our responsiveness to these reports.

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