I feel there isn't enough grindable games on Roblox.. Let's create one!


So I feel there isn’t enough grindable fun to play games on the Roblox front page, I scroll the front page with my brother looking for games to play. And it’s always the same games all the time and none are really fun and grindable. So I am putting together a Team that will make that grindable fun game that people would go to when they are bored, as well as when they love the game. I’m not looking to pay anyone till we have a release, not a team only doing it for money and not the fun of it. Everyone’s Ideas are welcome and will try to incorporate all ideas into the game! Who’s in?

The Project

So the project we will create will be decided amongst the Team of Devs and as well as ask other Roblox players to see what they’d like to see next on the front page, and will be finalized as a Team to see if the game fits everyone’s well-being. The game will be suited for everyone’s appeal and a lot of the in game ideas will come from the developers and what they like to make it a fun Dev Environment to be in and be apart of! Highly active and will be close connected with Group and Server members.

What Dev’s Are Needed

We are in need of all positions… Specifics Down Below

Developers we have

Developers we need

  • 1 GUI Artist
  • Animator

Our Name

As well as all the ideas, the Name will be decided amongst the Team.


Previously said, Not looking to pay anyone till we gain game profit. This team is not a Money Greedy team and would like to make the next front page game on Roblox that will last for Future Generations! Meaning I don’t want them doing it for only money.

Contact Information

You can contact me on Developer Forum, Discord, or Twitter. Preferably Discord since I am most active on that, then Twitter, then Developer Forum.

Discord: EnDark#8707
Twitter: My Twitter


So you don’t have any game ideas already thought of as of now?
Usually people would like to atleast get a general sense of what they’re doing before they sign up for something like this. It could be anything from an RPG, to a tycoon, to a simulator.

Will you be doing any work on this project?


Well the team is expected to give ideas that they’d like to make. And if they get a general idea it’s a most likely chance of them clicking away. But if they can incorporate their own ideas into one game it would be cool and they’d enjoy it, cause just having a basic idea like an RPG or Simulator game. There is still a category within RPG and Simulator that people sometimes wouldn’t like and they’d feel that they wouldn’t have a say in whatever they’d like to make.


Hmm, you’re looking for a team of people to work on a game, but there’s no specifics on the project itself, or even the name of the group. On top of that, you have a specific number of developers you’re looking for despite not having the sufficient amount of information on both the group and the game to know exactly how many people you would need and what their roles would be.

On top of that you don’t want to pay anyone til the game release, knowing the game has a possibility of not making any money. And you used the word “greedy game development team” more than once.

Do you have any prior experience in developing a game? Have you developed a game on Roblox previously? Have you been a part of any development group?

It’s nice to see you’re willing to take suggestions from the team, but at this point it seems like you’re just tossing aside certain responsibilities.

Did I mention the fact you called your development team, which might I say you are still gathering greedy developers if they even wanted to get paid? Maybe it’s just me but kinda feels like being told your not worth much for your time, and if you feel like you should be paid you’re greedy.

Nevertheless you could’ve chosen better wording for it. This whole ad seems shady IMO. I’d suggest taking a moment to really work out your project and what you need and actually bring something to the table for the dev team you’re looking for.

Despite all of this I wish you all the best on your project. :slight_smile:


Thanks, also I say my development team because even if I was a developer for the Team and not running and owning it I could still call it My Development team since it is a common word choice when stating the Team you are in. Also I have worked on many projects in the past, some don’t go through but I’m usually not running those, and some make it out. I have worked on Alfheim Online the Rebooted version from when MustagedWorld and Slevin bought it off Alex. But I’m only accepting developers into the team that won’t work for money and are ok with waiting. A lot of the people I have recruited so far have said they’ve worked on projects that don’t even discuss payment and they love working on it. The game we will make will be the Next generation of Front page games on Roblox. I’d like to thank you for the Reply and the information that will be helpful for changing up my wording and editing the post. We have 2 Modeler/Builders and we still need Animator, GUI Artist and last we definitely need a Programmer.


What do you mean by this… If you don’t pay the developer what motivation would they have to actually finish the game. In my opinion there is a lot of grinding games like Dynamic Ship Simulator and a bunch of simulators. All the games on Roblox are literally made for grinding, that’s the whole point of a money system…

I’d also suggest making a game idea first because right now it just looks like you thought of something vaguely. Furthermore, what’s your position in all this and what’s your past experiences with games?

It’s also a bit hypocritical; saying this

Then following it by this statement

It shows that you are making this game for profit and profit is key in this. It just looks like your making an excuse to not pay someone. How is it greedy to pay a developer? It’s like saying having a job irl and getting payment for it is greedy…


What’s your role within the development team?


I’m saying they will be paid once game makes profit and not quickly and demanding for payment. I just don’t want a money driven team that will only make the game for money, the Game revenue part is to show that they will be paid eventually as of now the devs will not be paid until then. And having a team that is money driven and only doing this for money has a larger chance of not succeeding than a game with no payments and people liking what they are making and would love to make a front page game. Cause the people money driven and they hate the project they are more likely to quit on it.


I will be leading the project, making sure any messages needing to be sent out within the Group or the Server or anything making sure that happens, knowing what is posted for sneak peeks, keep the overall team together, other dev team server partnerships. I also am a 3D Modeler myself so I can make a few assets but since I have a life of being away from home I will have my phone to communicate with all the devs and the Head Dev making sure things happen and setting deadlines. But I will be on my pc a lot of the time making sure the game is going well and things are getting done.


That’s not true. You can still pay a developer and they can love the idea. Most developers put the idea first then check what payment is like. What if the project fails? What would you do then… Have you ever thought about that? If you didn’t pay the developer when the project fails, it would be a complete waste of time.


I can pay for the developers assets and such if they do choose to quit. Or I can look for more developers willing to make the game. Also before I hire them I give them a little survey asking how long they are usually on and how committed they’d be to working on the game the team creates. That way I know I have chosen the right developers. Also the Developers and the players will be choosing what game everyone would like to see, and we’d put a lot of thought and ideas into what game we should make. And make sure it’s fun for everyone and if one quits I’d ask if we could keep their work, if they want payment I’ll pay them. But the game will be enjoyable all across Roblox because it’s made to fit to their fun and their customs.


Okay let’s take this scenario. The programmer quits almost when the games done. Once he quite he’s asking for 75k robux. The builder also quits asking for 50k. Would you be able to pay them off?


I have a good amount of Robux and a game coming out soon that could most likely be popular a lot of Developers have checked it out and they believe so too. So yeah I can most likely pay it off. Or I can just rebuild the assets and stuff. If it’s Programming it’s possible I can redo them or I can ask my Programmer buddies to get it done. They usually do it for free.


Being a developer, that works for money is not greedy. Developers need to earn a living in stability. not gamble for it. Some games do not make any money. So the developer wastes 20 hours of sweat for nothing. I understand if you got no money but if you need a bit of cash, start small. The trick is to make a simple game, then to get money. Maybe 1 person helping you. Then you make a bigger game with the money you have earned on the last one to fund it, and so on.


Most developers can be so greedy with money! The things they want are SO outrageous! Having enough money to buy food and pay rent during the development process, disgusting! Who do they think they are? Why would I as an employer care if they can afford to live while they work?

Confused by your use of the word “grindable”. Multiple games on the frontpage involve repeatable task for game progression.

Your proposal offers no specific game idea, doesn’t say what you contribute, and belittles potentiel partners.


I’d say 99% of the time games are where you grind aren’t fun. You need to have a great game designer to make players enjoy it.

Also, developers have to pay rent. That’s not greedy at all.

Forgot to mention that there are plenty “grindable” games on Roblox. In almost every game in and outside of Roblox, you must grind to get the items you want.


Well, I don’t really agree when you say that there isn’t enough grindable game. Almost every single simulator game involves a player starting off, getting pets, and they work their way to get better at the game, with more rare pets/achievements.

A good example is Bubble Gum Simulator, they have pets that would have a rarity chance of opening 1/5 which is a common chance to 1/5M+. Dedicated players who have a strong will to achieving this pet would spend days upon days just trying to open that one pet thus, making the game really grindable.

Another example is Murder Mystery 2, Assassin!, Mad Murderer or even any other game can be grindable as @i_ncendiarism said as long as there’s a way to get players addicted to a game for an asset or as I said, achievement, worldwide leaderboard placement e.t.c

Also, developers who are wanting to look for profit aren’t greedy. Some front page developers main job is developing games, and need to pay rent, buy food, pay for bills and expenses. For them to not only get paid until game release, but also basically gambling chances on the scale that if the game will either make profit or not is undoubtedly a huge risk. This could result in developers wasting hours upon hours, coming together to make a game for potentially no benefits.

You also didn’t specify what the game genre would be about, what the game main base would be targeted at, what the developers would be expected to achieve/complete in the project and more. As @Zabazz said, most developers would have a game idea on what they would be working on.

But goodluck to your project :smile:


I’m not meaning Simulators as Grundy, cause those get boring relatively quickly. Then you play them all and are left with no games to play sometimes a lot get old so this is a team to make the new.


But… simulators are grindy? And most games where grinding is the main concept are boring after a while. I think that you need to rethink your game concept, as I’m not sure how well it would work out. Who would want to make a game about a boring thing?


This… isn’t how it works.

If you want to hire someone, you need to work on an agreeable payment before development starts, otherwise there will be problems. You can do this via percentage of game revenue, or upfront/periodic payments.