I genuinely need advice on how to be able to rely on myself

I’m not saying I’m a horrible coder, however I am literally unable to do anything by myself, I always need support. Whenever I need to code something I always ask for help, and it was never different, I just find myself unable to start, because I never know how to, and I never know what to do.

You could throw code at me and tell me to explain it, and I would, maybe not always perfectly but I would. However when I’m told to write something similar by myself or just rewrite it, I can’t, despite having knowledge I am never able to do it by myself. I’m forced to either switch tabs to look at the code itself or ask for help again.

Do any of you know how to deal with this?? It’s really irritating me, and I’m tired of consistently asking for help, despite having knowledge. I also try to avoid posting here frequently considering I really don’t wanna flood anything with the simplest coding ever, not that I can even ask for code here anyway.

I’m being fed like a baby nearly all the time, I gain knowledge, I keep it, but I’m never able to use it, because I never know what to do, and how to start.

This is really stopping me from progressing any further and I hate it.
There’s also another reason why I avoid posting here, I just simply can’t take criticism, I am always scared that some goober will come in and start judging left and right.

Please tell me what to do because I seriously have no clue on what to do
(i don’t know if i’m even allowed to post something like this, considering this isn’t necessarily support, but any advice is appreciated :3)


Perhaps you should start from smaller projects, and writing simpler lines of Scripts. When you manage to remember which functions play a role in the Script, you can keep progressing until you write more intermediate scripts.


I don’t necessarily have any projects in mind, nor do I have any ideas.
I mean, I do have a project right now, but the coding level is just getting too severe for me to handle, so I’m stopped by both inexperience and not being able to do anything by myself.

Maybe if I had some sort of idea in mind I’d do something else, but I just don’t.


What you must focus on is the basics. Functioning, effectiveness, optimization. You don’t have to go for big goals or anything, just master these three concepts. If you have any issues with them, it’d probably be easy to spot them, since normally they’re oversights. Something as easy as for loops, correct ways to incorporate hitboxes…

Once you know how to do all of these, you’ll get used to them. If you keep having issues with errors that are very hard to fix, you could try out pcall functions.

Edit: Do not be afraid to ask for help if an issue overwhelms you. It’s always ideal to have more experienced people help out.


I guess you do have a point, I didn’t point out the fact I’m being pressured by time itself (I’m not the youngest person and I really want to achieve something before I’m out of teenagehood), my main stress is hitting 18 and still not achieving anything, which I guess could also be the cause of my self unreliability.

Referring to your edit, I do lurk here every now and then and people do sometimes get flamed for not knowing their own code, which is what also makes me hesitant to ask for support.


You mustn’t hesitate, that’s just the toxic side of the community. As long as you have a slight clue of what you’re doing, no one should call you out for it. I hope, at least.


Personally, I tried doing projects that were way out of my depth - forcing me to constantly google. Asking help is great, sure, but I use it as a last resort when I can’t think of a solution myself after a few hours. For me, it was an incredibly efficient way of learning in general. In fact, this is how I learn to code in new languages. For example, I’ve been learning C by making a minesweeper game and now semi-confident in how pointers and stuff work (to the point that I actually want them in lua!).

The pattern of not knowing something then googling it will at some point make things stick.


Does sound like a method, but isn’t that more time consuming than what rash suggested?


I’ve been coding for 4 years and I can tell you, how I started was very basic. What I only knew back then were these basic scripts:

function onTouch(part)

--I didn't use "workspace" back then.

The main thing is to have fun. Explore all the things you can do, find errors and learn from them, and just tread carefully on your coding journey!


Whatever floats your boat. Everyone is different! For me that method it is what made me make so much progress.


I was into coding ever since I was 11, but I didn’t actually do anything about it until like 4 years later, which is why I’m now time pressured.

That does look very basic yeah, simplest code ever.
But just to clarify I am somewhat experienced with code, just not experienced enough.

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I can’t find a single thing that floats my boat, sadly.

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The simplest you can get is this:

print("Hello world!")


  • programming is like any other skill. practice is the key.
  • people are often too ambitious with their projects and get burnt out too quickly. Start small, work your way up in difficulty.
  • The secret is discipline, not motivation. Motivation is what starts you off, discipline is what keeps you going.
  • Read the API docs if you get stuck. No scripter is perfect, and every programmer googles a lot of things. Asking for help is never a bad thing.

I don’t really get how discipline keeps one going, I always thought it’s just motivation to keep going.

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People get flamed when they do something remarkably stupid (like not using loops, bad nomenclature, etc). It’s pretty rare to see someone get roasted by the devforum. There is no shame in asking for help.


Motivation is the spark that starts you off. If you aren’t motivated to start, you aren’t motivated to finish either.
Discipline and consistancy are what keep the project alive and preserve that small spark. Of course, motivation is still needed, but without discipline, the project will simply fall apart. Work on the project on a strict basis and always push yourself to work on it. If you get into the rhythm of working on it over time, you’ll certainly finish the game.


and that’s why i appreciate the devforum rather than discord, other softwares as it has really toxic, harmful users who will laugh and be like:


whereas on the devforum I can get help instead of asking AI instead, cuz others on other platforms will be toxic and won’t help at all

so yes, you cannot start being a coder/programmer and you have no motivation, or discipline, you need patience, motivation, kindness as well ideas, ask CHAT GPT for some simple game ideas, and you can start coding, if you don’t know how to code the ideas, ask AI, however add stuff like comments and learn to configure the codes, so you can learn how to debug and understand others code, chat gpt for simple game ideas is a definite yes, however the giving scripts part kind of makes you forget you are learning, so I won’t recommend option 2 xd


(Sorry if I go off a bit, Its just Motivational stuff at may help, take it with a grain of salt is this is not what you want, Its just to make you feel better at specific points of your topic)

This is common when Coding and Programming, where you cant decide what to do, where to begin, or where to stop. It happens all the time, and not many people really no what to do about it, nor can get out of it.

Asking for help is not a bad thing, and should not be treated as such, even if your code is simple, you are still trying, It doesn’t matter, and even roblox states from Very Basic to more Advanced:

You dont always have to work by yourself to get things done, you can always have a friend to help you, many people when they have to do everything, lose motivation, having a friend can get the work done faster, and here on the DevForum, about everyone is your friend, many are willing to help you, fix, modify, or explain what you can do to improve yourself, there is nothing wrong with that, it happens to everybody, and you shouldn’t think that it is just you who has this issue.

When you have fully decided on what you want to work on, keep your code basic rather than going towards advanced right off the bat, if you just start of with Advanced Code, and mechanics, you will find yourself stuck and unable to keep going foward as it will make it a lot harder for you to fix, or find issues, Starting Basic allows you to modify what you need to, and slowly progress in making it more advanced, when it comes to games like FPS games, Tycoon games, or Simulators, you should always focus on the Main mechanics, like a Round System, A Cash System, or a Base System, and then move on to the non important stuff like Animations, Inputs, and Graphics, thats typically why you see a lot of empty baseplate games with fully working, and good mechanics in them.

Thats fine, there are programmers who learn off of others code, and use it to do better things, not everybody is going to understand, and write it first time, and not everybody is going to remember everything about it, but always remember to take notes on what each thing does, so you can use it later.

You arent required to know everything all at once, and you certainly arent required to be the best at it.
Your only enemy is yourself, you thinking that its a problem that asking for help with the most basic things is bad, and a really big issue, it isnt, if anything, it shows you are trying to improve, and that is what matters the most here, I do this too, I sometimes ask very about very basic things because I may not know, may have forgot, or just for others to know, I may not always get a good answer, or the best information, I may not even like doing it all the time, but it should still be taken no matter what.

I’m only 14, have plenty ahead of me, have done so much, yet I still feel the same way of doing absolutely nothing over the past 6 years I was using Roblox Studio.
But one thing you must always remember is that not everybody starts at the same place, we all go at our own pase to create with what we know, someone at 13 years old can be just as successful as someone who is already an fully grown adult, and a grown Adult can be just as unique as the 13 year old, the point is to try, avoid the feeling that you are doing nothing with your life, and think that this something that can help you succeed in life, something that you want to do, and not because you have to do it.

Its fairly normal, Coding/Programming is a pretty technical, and Advanced topic, you will often find people debating (or arguing) about what is best to do, or what is more efficient than the other, its normal when it comes to stuff like this, however people do take it a bit too far.


+1. It doesn’t even have to be a game either. It could be a plugin or some implementation of real life phenomena or even a simple text-based adventure.

You don’t have to create something never before seen. You can focus on that after you get over this first hurdle.