I guess this is a feedback thread now for my and Defaultio's new game

It’s a RTS shooter. We’ll wait ~10 minutes starting now.


This looks good but I dont have anyone to play it with now, anyone up for a game?


So here’s my first thoughts having ‘played’ (That is, built for 10 minutes then everyone quit because no body can read instructions in Roblox)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT MAKE LEFT CLICK CANCEL! It is the most counter intuitive thing and I found it extremely annoying, and kept accidentally cancelling everything I was trying to build.

Since I havent actually been able to play a proper game, the only other thing I could say is that there should be an easier way to destroy your own structures, and I love the concept.


I have to second the rough controls. I accidentally cancelled several times. Perhaps “q” would be a good key for it, seeing as it’s the undo button for when you navigate wrong.

Also, I didn’t realize how to build at first. I placed my extractor over the well and assumed it would work – I didn’t realize I had to “push” iridium onto it. Maybe have text pop up indicating that you’re supposed to do that.

I think the mechanic that juice gushes out of the pipes is probably unnecessary. I would advise changing it so all pipes are automatically capped. The two people I played with died and couldn’t respawn because, I imagine, their spawn machine ran out of juice. Probably because they had a leak somewhere. For me, it changed my gameplay because I would add valves all over the place, but I wouldn’t say it added any fun to the game.

I would also advise adding maybe 3 respawns worth of “reserve juice” to the spawn machines which can’t be extracted except when respawning to prevent people from screwing themselves over.


Having played for a bit longer, I agree. I can’t see any gain to pipes leaking when they are first placed. Infact I’d go as far to say that pipes, being so cheap, just build as soon as you click, and are automatically capped/uncapped as the player builds, otherwise the pipe system quickly becomes tedious. Additionally the minimum pipe length was annoying, pipes smaller than about 10 studs cant be placed leading to me having to remove and rebuild my stuff often.

Just played one match for 4 hours straight with @Defaultio and @Inyo22 on my team vs the server

Can’t remember the last time I had this much fun on roblox.


Remarkably broken

Nothing on the server responds, everyone has the same frustration and leaves server within 5 minutes

All your actions are delayed by a good 3 to 4 minutes. I was lost thinking I was doing something wrong, then all my buildings suddenly started appearing slowly at the rate I put them there 5 minutes earlier.

Not to mention the 5-10 minutes it took to get the map loaded in before you could even start moving around

Not the case for every server. Response time was okay for me but my FPS was taking a bit of a hit.

It looks like it should be a hell of a lot of fun, but the game is very slow to get going, and so far every game I’ve played has ended before any actual fighting took place.

I really love this concept but I had a couple issues:

  • It was hard to get started, all my friends quit before figuring out how to actually play.
  • I kept canceling everything I was building and it was super annoying.
  • I don’t like the rotate system. At the beginning I was really frustrated with this because I couldn’t rotate anything the way I wanted it to no matter how hard I tried.
  • I don’t understand what some of the machines do.
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I crash after playing for like 30 minutes.
I think it would help a lot with the lag if you didn’t use Roblox’s water terrain.

I’ve played for several days and I’ve seen a lot of improvement. My main gripe right now is the menu.

-Keys all over the place (Z,X,C,V, and Q all the way up in the corner)
-Vertical UI with horizontal key bindings: unintuitive
-Lack of thumbnails when moving down the hierarchy is confusing
-Hierarchy down button is always on the bottom (V), should be close to the hierarchy up button (Q)
-Sometimes the button can get grayed out for no reason, tricking you into thinking that part is selected

Perhaps some inspiration can be taken from Trackmania’s UI?

[details=Trackmania build UI]

The UI denotes the difference between pieces and hierarchy both with color and icon shape. Clicking on a different folder will close the current folder and open the new one, and clicking on the current folder will close the folder. Because this UI is across the bottom (to match the orientation of the keyboard), the toolbar will need to be vertical or on top.

EDIT: My ideal UI: num keys select items with Q as the back button. Keys Z-V and ctrl-scroll are for changing weps, which would be limited to 4.[/details]

Some miscellaneous musing:

-When it gets laggy it is completely impossible to tell how much iridium you have stored because of the chunk update limit. I’ve gone for minutes filling and emptying the tank without the tank gauge reflecting it. There needs to be a more reliable way to tell how much you have in your tank, like a GUI.
-Some way to make pipe fittings snap to the nearest world axis would be nice. Organic is good but if you’re in a hurry it can get frustrating that the camera position determines the angle so much, and in a not-clear manner.
-A way to attach pipes when you aren’t facing the pipe opening would be nice. Perhaps have the flange included for snapping?
-The large tank is a waste of iridium, its capacity per cost is less than half that of the small tank.
-The shotgun is the best weapon for cqc-mqc because players are fast and can jump very high.
-The G key should work on enemies and enemy buildings, at a reduced rate
-Whatever improvements you made to decrease lag worked. I notice my framerate is a lot better today than two days ago
-Matches can drag on and on and on if someone has a spawn hidden and the enemy can’t find it
-Projectile turrets (as opposed to arc turrets) do not fire in the proper direction at least part of the time. I don’t know the specific conditions why this one wasn’t working right, but it wasn’t:

This turret was facing the wrong way but still was firing

-Perhaps some tooltips when players first spawn? I notice a lot of people fail to connect their spawn to their system.
EDIT: -Melee weapons are a must when someone is really trying not to die but they’re placing satchel charges left and right.


This is because your ping is getting up to minutes. It has happened to me also, but at the same time David is in the same server and has fine ping. I don’t know if this is an issue with the game or an issue with my internet connection.

It’s a really interesting concept to get working on roblox.

The controls are super confusing though (RMB pull/cancel, LMB push/confirm makes much more sense to me).
The two games I played were both progressing super slowly, never properly finished a match as a result as people keep leaving.
The ability to upgrade your “backpack” would be really cool I think. Mostly increasing the capacity of it and maybe push/pull speed. When fighting, running out of energy all the time is frustrating, especially if you’re not very close to some recharge spot. Refilling energy supplies when using weapon tools would be very useful too.
Are there vehicles? Couldn’t get them to spawn anyway.

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Could you add a single player mode where we can experiment. It takes a while to get going and I want to experiment with some of the stuff but I never get a chance because everyone leaves and I end up winning or me and my team are constantly trying to hold off enemies and there isn’t really much time to experiment without worrying about the rest of our base.

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Some more feedback:
-The character-points-towards-cursor feature becomes very frustrating when you’re trying to get out of the water and onto a ladder, because the character has to face the ladder to be able to cling onto it. I have died a LARGE NUMBER OF TIMES in critical situations because the character’s inability to get on ladders.
-R15 seems to have a number of problems that makes movement a pain. The root of the problem seems to stem from the collision of the parts, and (what I assume is) the single raycast that checks to see if the player is standing on something. It makes trying to climb things very frustrating.
-The vertical size of the terrain is just right to be a complete bear if you don’t have iridium to jet-boost.Consider a hole in some grass where below is a depression. You will never be able to get out of that.
-Submersibles seem to be way overpowered given their size and utility. Having a cost of 200 is basically nothing, considering that you have to be right next to the endless supply of iridium to build them anyway, and they produce 4x as much as well pumps even though they are a lot smaller. They make it very easy to set up a base right in front of enemies right at the start, ground level or sea level.
-Griefers. People on your own team who have nothing better to do than hold down G on everything. I don’t have any well-thought out suggestions on how to curb this.
-You can build on other team’s pipes. Not sure if you want this or not, considering the trend of no limits in the rest of the game, but I have seen a number of times that someone has put caps on enemy pipes.
-You are not allowed to reset in the lobby. Why? All it does is mean that when you get stuck on a spawn stack you just have to pray to the ROBLOX gods that you will fall down soon.

-I keep expecting the pitch control on the turret to go the opposite way, like an airplane pitch control.

I found the building pretty fun, but despite however many players are in the game when it starts, there’s never enough in the end to have any fun gameplay with. The game usually comes to having one to three teams of one to three people each, which slowly leave over time.

I think a lot could be done to help this. Some ideas:

  • Building could be made much faster. I think this would be more fun and lead to players fighting sooner, keeping some players in game.
    • Fueling an object to build it could be faster
    • Fuel could be automatically given to players within a certain radius of a spawn
    • Fuel could automatically be given to objects to build them if within a certain radius of existing objects
  • Allowing teams to join existing games
  • OR sticking all players in the lobby into evenly-distributed teams in a new game. This means more players and teams in the game, even if the players per team drops like usual.

I think I addressed this with the newest building, the Fabricator. It automatically constructs blueprints in a large radius around it, making impressively large bases much easier and more fun to build.


So everything was going well:

But then I jumped into some artillery while firing a shotgun while the game was lagging:

Appears this only happened locally though.